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Things to do in Amsterdam - Banner

Discover Amsterdam for free

By Natalia

Want to explore Amsterdam on the cheap? Whether visiting on Kings Day or otherwise, here is a list of free things to do in Amsterdam. Get the most out of your trip, keeping expenses as low as you want. Read more

New York for free

Free in New York City

By Stephanie

Free in NYC? No, it’s not an oxymoron; the Big Apple happens to be one of the freebie capitals of the world. From free stargazing, kayaking, yoga and more, here’s where (and when) to find them. Read more

London Guide

A Londoner’s Guide - How to do London on a budget

By Stephanie

Yes, London’s a bit pricey. In fact, it’s recently been listed as the priciest place to live. In the world. But all that really means is that those of us lucky (or mental) enough to live, sleep and work in the big smoke have become really adept at doing things on the cheap. Read more

Destinations for Kids

7 Incredible Destinations for Kids: Part 2 – The Americas

By Stephanie

Live like cowboys and wranglers for a week, be an astronaut for a day or channel your inner Tarzan in the treetops of the jungle - Part 2 of our series on amazing holiday destinations for kids looks at some of the best the Americas have to offer. Read more

Destinations for Kids

7 Incredible Destinations for Kids: Part 1 – Europe

By Stephanie

“Look kids, no fibreglass!” While Disneyland and the Harry Potter studios are all very well and good, nothing compares to these real-life attractions for getting kids wide-eyed with wonder. Read more