Spend online with WeSwap


We’ve got some big news, guys.

You can now use your card in even more places than ever. Online, that is (you can already physically use the card in over 180 countries).

Because WeSwap cards are (drum roll please) 3D Secure (or 3DS for short) verified. This opens up a whole new world of online payment options for WeSwap users (opening up new worlds is something we’re very keen on here). Meaning you can now book the flights, the hotel, the skis, the sun loungers, the lot. All on your WeSwap card. All tracked in the app. In more places than ever before.
Plus, and this is a big plus, if the website wants to charge you in a foreign currency, as many airlines and hotels do, you don’t have to pay their fees.

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Introducing Smart Swap

Choose your own exchange rates with WeSwap Smart Swap

Whether you’re working hard to save money for a trip or planning every single detail, we know travellers are busy people. Too busy, perhaps, to monitor FX markets all day long?

Well, let us introduce WeSwap Smart Swap.

Smart Swap leaves us to monitor the markets for you. So you don’t miss out on more money for your holiday.

Just choose your own target exchange rate and amount. Then, if that target is reached any time before your own deadline, we’ll automatically swap your money. Read More


How Much Spending Money Do I Need in Amsterdam?

There isn’t another city in Europe like Amsterdam. In fact, there isn’t another city in the world like Amsterdam. Nowhere else does art and excess go hand in hand so readily. Amsterdam is alive by day, and by night. If you are wondering ‘is Amsterdam expensive?’ Here is our spending guide for “the Dam”.
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WeSwap Card on a pile of foreign currency promoting buy back

Introducing WeSwap Buy Back!

Hands up. How many of us have got currency sitting at home in kitchen drawers, miscellaneous small bowls, cash jars or – in one WeSwap staffer’s case – stuffed inside an old CD of Shania Twain’s “You’re still the One”? Read More

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