Luxury Hotels for a Unique Experience

Grab your pen and notebook, your bucket list is about to get a lot longer. If you are looking to make your next holiday truly memorable then staying in a unique accommodation can provide an experience like no other. All over the world, there are incredible places to call home for the night. Try getting up close to wild animals at safari lodges in Tanzania, exploring traditional English style country houses in Myanmar, sleeping in -5° at Snow Hotels in Finland, or relaxing by an infinity pool in Bali. This guide is an inspiration for your next holiday, find where you want to go, grab your prepaid travel money card and pick a luxury accommodation for the ultimate experience. Read More

Oh, ok then...

3 London markets that every traveller should visit

Maybe it’s because I’m not from these parts. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen two unlikely childhood heroes of mine (The Artful Dodger and Peggy Mitchell) at their happiest in amongst the bustle. Or maybe it’s just because I like a bargain. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – I like to have a look, sorry, a “butchers” around a good London market. Read More

Friends In Fast Food Restaurant

5 cultural tips for travelling the USA

The UK and the USA have lots in common: We speak the same language, we watch the same films and together we’re a little obsessed with the royal family.

But needless to say, there are also differences. Not only regarding our travel money, but also culturally too…

Get them right when travelling and you’re a local hero. Get them wrong and you look a bit silly.

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