How much spending money do I need for Marbella?

Marbella is a municipality known for its luxurious surroundings with yachts, super cars, and celebrities visiting every year. But how many Euros will you need to budget daily for your visit to the Costa Del Sol? How much will the bars and restaurants of Puerto Banús cost you? Will it be expensive to rent a...

2 August 2022

Dynamic Currency Conversion: Just say no

How to avoid being ripped off by ATMs abroad Ever notice how ATMs abroad politely ask if you’d like to be charged in your home currency (the currency you use when you’re at home; pounds in Britain, euros in Europe etc) whenever you withdraw cash? Card machines at retailers will sometimes do this too, as...

18 December 2019

Can I get Moroccan currency in the UK?

Heading off to explore the bustling city of Marrakech or try surfing in the windy Essaouira? Read our Moroccan currency guide first. Can I get Moroccan currency in the UK? Yes and no. The Moroccan dirham is non-convertible which means it is not openly traded on the forex market. You are allowed to take a...

16 December 2019


Picture the scene. You’re on holiday; maybe in a restaurant; at an ATM; renting a pedalo. You pull out your WeSwap card to pay but disaster strikes: it’s been declined. You’re embarrassed. A crowd is forming. You panic and run into the sea and wait there until everyone who saw goes home. Kept awake by...

2 December 2019

Can I Buy Indian Rupees in the UK?

Can you buy Indian rupees in the UK? The short answer is no. The Indian Rupee is a closed currency that is heavily regulated, this means there are restrictions on taking the currency in and out of India. It's not permitted for tourists to take Indian rupees in or out of the country. However, (to...

28 November 2019


Your morning coffee, tap. The bus to work, tap. Artisan handmade organic vegan raw soap from a pop-up, tap tap tap. From the supermarket megastore down to your local farmers market, card payments in the UK are accepted everywhere. Contactless is now so common that being asked to enter your pin usually results in a vacant look as you pray your...

17 September 2019

Travel Money Options Compared: WeSwap vs Travel Cash, Debit & Prepaid Cards

You're going away. Somewhere nice, we hope? But it can be tough to know what to do, travel money wise. There's a lot of options: travel cash, your normal bank card and a load of prepaid cards. Then there's a lot of companies too, WeSwap (that's us), Tesco, the Post Office, Revolut, Travelex. Then there's the jargon. Oh, the...

22 November 2018

Understanding How The Foreign Exchange Market Works

The idea of exchanging one currency for another seems simple enough. But understanding who and what is actually involved can be somewhat more complicated. So, we thought we’d try and explain it for you.

31 October 2018

How to manage your money in Dubai and the UAE

Money management isn’t something we’d normally associate with Dubai or the UAE. The Emirates are, to put it lightly, rather extravagant. There are man-made islands and beaches, skyscrapers, helicopter tours, you can even buy ice cream coated in gold flakes (quite the upgrade on the 99). However, thanks to an influx of package and discount...

18 October 2018
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