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Money management isn’t something we’d normally associate with Dubai or the UAE. The Emirates are, to put it lightly, rather extravagant. There are man-made islands and beaches, skyscrapers, helicopter tours, you can even buy ice cream coated in gold flakes (quite the upgrade on the 99).

However, thanks to an influx of package and discount holidays, the UAE is no longer a one-nation VIP lounge for the super-rich. Regular tourists like you and us even go there now. Mostly for the glitz and glamour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but there’s interest, too, in Sharjah, the region’s art and heritage centre, and Fujairah, where you can scuba dive in the Gulf of Oman.

So, we’ve taken the liberty of assuming you’re not a footballer or an oligarch or an heiress and put together this handy guide on managing your money in Dubai and the UAE.

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Zagreb, Croatia's capital


Whether it’s in search of the clear blue sea that lines the Mediterranean coast, the stroller’s dream that is Zagreb or the party paradise of Outlook Festival, Croatia is becoming a firm favourite for UK travellers.

(This is especially the case for WeSwap users, who, ever since given the chance to use their WeSwap cards worldwide, have been flocking to Croatia in their droves.)

So, with that in mind, we’ve put this handy guide together on how to manage your money in Croatia. Confused about whether to use your card or get out cash? Worried there won’t be any ATMS? Scared of offending someone when you try and haggle in a supermarket?

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

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Asian Currency Banknotes


Baht, Riel, Dong, Kip, Kyat, The Mighty Dollar, ATMs that charge, ATMs that don’t, ATMs that aren’t ATMs, Western Unions, street corner currency exchanges, stolen cards…

Managing money while travelling across South East Asia (we’ll call this SEA for now) can and will make your head hurt. You’re navigating a number of different currencies with wildly different exchange rates, the countries’ have an (often unfair) reputation for fraud and theft, your contactless card is suddenly of no use and single streets can appear to house ten different micro-economies.

This, however, shouldn’t stop you from visiting the world’s original backpacker destination. You just need to a bit of forward planning. You just need to write five custom-made blogs on how to manage your money in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Read More

Myanmar Kyats bank notes background

How Best to Manage your Money in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has only been open to tourists since 2012 but in that time the ease at which tourists and their money have been able to move around the country has increased rapidly. There are ATMs all over the place, bigger hotels now take credit cards and an ever-evolving Wi-Fi network means you can transfer money online more places than ever.

However, like any developing nation, there are still hiccups here and there, so we’ve written this blog to avoid those hiccups. Consider it holding your breath (or your chosen method of hiccup removal) in blog form. Read More

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