Explaining how many currencies your WeSwap card works in

We know it can be a little confusing for WeSwappers to be told you can use your card in over 150 currencies and 180 countries then open the app or dashboard to find you can only store money and swap in 18 different currencies.

We’ll get into this more below, but essentially there are 18 currencies you can use the app and dashboard to swap between. However, your WeSwap card can be used in over 180 countries, which between them use around 150 currencies. That’s because some currencies, like the euro, are used in lots of different countries.

It’s all explained in detail here, in our troubleshooting guide on what countries and currencies you can use your WeSwap card in.

The 18 wallet currencies

Using the WeSwap app or dashboard, you can swap in advance or instantly into the following 18 currencies:

  • 🇬🇧British pounds (GBP)
  • 🇺🇸US dollars (USD)
  • 🇪🇺euros (EUR)
  • 🇨🇦Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • 🇦🇺Australian dollars (AUD)
  • 🇿🇦South African rand (ZAR)
  • 🇨🇭Swiss francs (CHF)
  • 🇳🇴Norwegian kroner (NOK)
  • 🇸🇪Swedish kroner (SEK)

  • 🇩🇰Danish kroner (DKK)
  • 🇭🇰Hong Kong dollars (HKD)
  • 🇵🇱Polish zlotys (PLN)
  • 🇳🇿New Zealand dollars (NZD)
  • 🇸🇬Singaporean dollars (SGD)
  • 🇭🇺Hungarian forint (HUF)
  • 🇯🇵Japanese yen (JPY)
  • 🇮🇱Israeli shekel (ILS)
  • 🇹🇷Turkish lira (TRY)

Using the app or dashboard, you can swap all these currencies with each other, storing them in their own individual digital wallets. The swap option you choose will depend on the fee you’re charged for each swap (this will never be more than 2%). There are a certain limits that apply that you can read about here.

These are also the only currencies you can set up Smart Swaps with.

Your WeSwap card is a clever piece of kit and will know which country you’re in and which wallet to take the money out of. If you’ve not swapped in advance into one of these currencies but use your card to make a purchase in one, this will be taken out of your home currency wallet (as long as there’s money in there of course).

Which brings us on to…

The Home Currencies

Your home currency is the currency used in the country you set up your WeSwap account in. It’s the only currency you can load your account in (pretty much) and it can only be one of these 5 currencies:

  • British pounds (GBP)
  • euros (EUR)
  • Norwegian kroner (NOK)
  • Swedish kronor (SEK)
  • Danish kroner (DKK)

If you like, you can spend in your home currency in the country you set up your account from, but there are limits, you can:

  • withdraw a maximum amount of £200 (or equivalent) every 7 days
  • spend a maximum amount of £150 (or equivalent) every 7 days

Your home currency is also used for instant spending. This applies if you’re using your card in a currency in the app that you haven’t swapped into or one of the currencies you can’t see in the app.

Which brings us on to…

The Global Currencies

Your WeSwap card works in 180 countries, meaning that you can spend in 150+ currencies. Global Currencies are our name for all the other currencies you can use your WeSwap card to spend in.

You can’t swap into these currencies in the app, but your card will work just fine for payments and withdrawals (wherever you see the Mastercard logo) and you’ll be charged the instant swap fee (so never more than 2%).

There are a certain limits that apply here too that you can read about here.

Once you load your account, just leave the money in your home wallet. We’ll exchange the transaction amount to the equivalent home currency amount using the Mastercard® foreign exchange rate.

Global Currencies are pretty much every other currency on the planet. Due to legal restrictions, the only currencies WeSwap cards don’t support are:

  • Afghan afghani
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark
  • Guyanese dollar
  • Iranian rial
  • Iraqi dinar
  • North Korean won
  • Lao kip
  • Syrian pound
  • Ugandan shilling
  • Vanuatu vatu
  • Yemeni rial

Which brings us on to…

The end. That’s it. Just remember, wherever you are, whatever currency you’re spending in if you’re ever given the option of being charged in the local currency or to convert. Always choose the local currency.

WeSwap and the WeSwap logo are trademarks of MK Fintech Limited trading as WeSwap.com. The WeSwap card is issued by Monavate Limited, pursuant to license by Mastercard International. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Monavate Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money and the provision of payment services (FCA Register reference 901097). For further information, please visit weswap.com/legal
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