5 ways to see the world from your own home

These are, to put it lightly, tough times for travel lovers. 'Cos of Covid-19, we know many of you have had to cut holidays short, postpone them until further notice or sometimes cancel them all together. Nothing can replace the real thing, but in a bid to keep everyone exploring the world while we’re all...

26 March 2020

Explaining how many currencies your WeSwap card works in

We know it can be a little confusing for WeSwappers to be told you can use your card in over 150 currencies and 180 countries then open the app or dashboard to find you can only store money and swap in 18 different currencies. We’ll get into this more below, but essentially there are 18...

18 February 2020

7 Awesome Tricks to Save Money on Your Holiday Flights

We’ve all been there: Looking for a cheap flight on a travel search engine. then using a search engine to browse for different travel search engines. It can be a black hole of frustration.

3 March 2017

7 tips to take fantastic holiday snaps on your smartphone

We all have that one friend that always seems to effortlessly take incredible holiday snaps using only their smartphone. In all likelihood it isn’t a natural gift, they’re just following a few simple pointers. To help you to fully capture your adventures, and maybe get a few more likes on Facebook, we’re sharing some tips...

1 September 2016

How To: Make Spumoni like an Italian

In our 'How To' series, we're taking a classic dish from around the world and showing you how to make it like a true local. And don't worry, we're looking at minimum difficulty, maximum impress-your-guest-points. Week One - Spumoni...

22 August 2016

10 Essential Tips for Packing Light

We've never met a traveller who, after five trips, bragged: “Every year I pack heavier". From the moment you set off for your flight, to the moment you arrive home and try to jam all your dirty laundry into the machine - packing heavy makes things more difficult.

4 August 2016

How to hire a car in America: We steer you through the options

Having a car in the US helps, and we don't just mean if you're heading on a multi-state road trip either. The size of America and its states, cities, and towns should not be underestimated! Obviously, there are places you shouldn't bother - New York, San Francisco - but for every exception, there's an Orlando...

3 July 2016
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