7 tips to take fantastic holiday snaps on your smartphone

We all have that one friend that always seems to effortlessly take incredible holiday snaps using only their smartphone. In all likelihood it isn’t a natural gift, they’re just following a few simple pointers.

To help you to fully capture your adventures, and maybe get a few more likes on Facebook, we’re sharing some tips to take some eye catching snaps.

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10 Essential Tips for Packing Light

We’ve never met a traveller who, after five trips, bragged: “Every year I pack heavier”.

From the moment you set off for your flight, to the moment you arrive home and try to jam all your dirty laundry into the machine – packing heavy makes things more difficult. Read More

Road trip selfie

How to hire a car in America: We steer you through the options

Having a car in the US helps, and we don’t just mean if you’re heading on a multi-state road trip either. The size of America and its states, cities, and towns should not be underestimated!

Obviously, there are places you shouldn’t bother – New York, San Francisco – but for every exception, there’s an Orlando where a car makes perfect sense.

If you’re confident driving abroad and decide you will indeed need a vehicle, then follow this guide to save some cash monies.

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