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Join the WeSwap Travel Money Credit Beta!

There’s no denying it; credit cards can be an important part of the way we spend abroad. In fact, more than 35% of us used our everyday credit cards to spend on holiday at some point last year. The problem is, it’s expensive.

Transaction fees, cash withdrawal fees, interest charges – even if you pay off in full – plus in some cases, an extra fee every time you spend. And many of those fees can be painfully unclear.

We’ve always felt this needed fixing and today we’re releasing the Beta version of something that we think makes spreading the cost of your travel spending much simpler and fairer. Introducing WeSwap Credit 🎉 Read More


Budget Friendly Tips For Choosing A Perfect Hotel

As a traveler, you always seek that unforgettable holiday filled with adventure, fun, and humour. But for a perfect holiday, there are certain factors which need to be spot-on such as getaways, hotels, and other activities. Amongst them, an ideal hotel plays a vital role in making a perfect holiday. Read More

Couple walking by the sea

How to seek out the best experiences on your travels

The modern traveller is a discerning creature. When we visit new countries and cultures, we no longer want to simply sit by a pool and sunbathe (well, at least not all the time) – we want to experience the world at its finest. We want to return home with exciting stories and experiences that mean something and stay with us. Read More

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