Infographic – ATM Charges Abroad and How to Avoid Them

Last week, we released some surprising stats showing how UK travellers could be losing a whopping £125 million in fees to overseas ATMs. Ouch!

In the interests of helping you keep your holiday budgets for important things, like poolside mojitos and second desserts, we’ve rounded up the four fees you should be looking out for when you withdraw overseas and put them in one handy infographic.

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How to take amazing GoPro photos on Holiday

Every trip is a unique experience: we meet new people, see new places, learn about new cultures – pretty much we step into a completely different world. And it’s natural that we want to have some remembrance of our journey. Many people like to collect souvenirs from the countries they visit, and photographs are one of the most precious souvenirs we can bring back from our travels. Read More