Group Travel

Top Tips For Travelling With A Group

Group travel is great but it’s hard to maintain those pre-holiday levels of excitement as you argue with your parents over whether to sit by the pool or visit a Roman fort. Or, as you stare in silence as the waiter places the bill in the centre of your friends and you attempt to subtract two tap waters and a bag of crisps from a €200 tab.

As travellers ourselves, we understand that group travel can have its ups and downs and that if not kept under a close eye those downs have the potential to sour a great trip.

So, we’ve consulted the experts, we’ve looked back on our own travels, we’ve remembered where it all went wrong and, more importantly, where it all went right and we’ve put together this handy little list of our top tips for travelling with groups. Read More

underwater go pro

How to take amazing GoPro photos on Holiday

Every trip is a unique experience: we meet new people, see new places, learn about new cultures – pretty much we step into a completely different world. And it’s natural that we want to have some remembrance of our journey. Many people like to collect souvenirs from the countries they visit, and photographs are one of the most precious souvenirs we can bring back from our travels. Read More