Santorini Donkey

How Much Spending Money Do I Need For Santorini?

Santorini is sadly most famous for being the location of one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions Earth has ever witnessed. But these days it’s much more famous for delicious food, black beaches and too many tourists in summer.  This island has a lot more to offer though than your typical tourist spot on the Med. There are chic art galleries, microbreweries and a host of delightful fishing villages and local tavernas for those willing to look for them.

There are also, obviously, lots of ruins.

So we’ve taken all this into account, gathered real data from real travellers, consulted the WeSwap family and come up with this guide on just how much spending money you’ll need for a trip to Santorini. Read More

Crete Beach

How much spending money for Crete?

Crete has been home to ancient Romans, Venetians, the Ottoman Empire and the world’s most famous half man-half bull, the Minotaur. These days it’s mostly ruins, LOTS of ruins, stunning beaches and some of the tastiest food in the Med.

Crete can feel a little like a country within a country and the island is now a mezze platter of rural little towns, small cities, heaving tourist spots and an unhealthy amount of tour organisers. Prices vary greatly and trying to get a grip on how much money you’ll need for Crete can be tricky. Read More

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How Much Spending Money do I need for Paris?

Paris, the city of love, art, and fashion. Home to many of the worlds most famous monuments and landmarks. A city connected by wide boulevards lined with cafes, boutiques, and bistros. Luxury and fine taste are synonymous with Paris but how expensive it? What are the costs of everyday things like a glass of wine, or the price of a taxi from the airport? Read More

Celebrations in Oslo, Norway

How much spending money for Oslo?

All capital cities like to blend the old and the new but few do it with quite as much style… or “stil”… as Norway’s Oslo. This tight-knit and compact city, which is lined by mountains to the north and sea to the south, has a fascinating past (proudly displayed in any one of its many, many, many museums). But these days, Oslo is very much a city that’s looking towards the future.

Read More


How Much Spending Money Do I Need in Amsterdam?

There isn’t another city in Europe like Amsterdam. In fact, there isn’t another city in the world like Amsterdam. Nowhere else does art and excess go hand in hand so readily. Amsterdam is alive by day, and by night. If you are wondering ‘is Amsterdam expensive?’ Here is our spending guide for “the Dam”.
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