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🎉 Now spend worldwide with WeSwap! 🎉

So far, 2018 has been pretty amazing. We’ve released two huge new features to the apps, we’ve taken home a really exciting award and things are in no danger of slowing down, because… Drum on EmojiOne 3.1

As of today, you can now whiz around the whole world with your WeSwap card. Yes!

WeSwap now works in any country, anywhere, wherever the Mastercard® Acceptance mark is displayed. Can we get a high five?

How does it work?

As well as being able to swap into any of our 18 existing currencies, you can now also use your home balance to spend almost anywhere in the world – from Fiji, to the Philippines, to Paraguay – and we’ll convert it for you on the spot. *stadium cheer*


All you need to do is load up your card with your home currency and spend. As it’s an instant conversion, the fee is the same, transparent 2% fee as our instant swap. Simple.

For anywhere that uses one of our existing 18, you can either load up in ££ and go – or continue to swap in advance to get the best rates. This also means if you happen to forget to swap for any reason, your card will still work as long as you’ve got a balance in your home currency.

We hope this makes it easier to take your WeSwap card on even more journeys abroad. We seriously can’t wait to hear what you’ll get up to.

How do I see these transactions in my app?

They’ll all be listed clearly under your GBP wallet. When you spend in one of our non-wallet countries, the money will be deducted in GBP from your main wallet, and you’ll clearly see the fee in your activity list.

Is this better than using my bank card abroad, or getting cash from a bureaux?

In a word – yes. Most bank cards charge at least 3% for overseas transactions, not including any ATM fees or transaction fees, and the mark up on cash is typically even more than that. We’ve crunched what this means in real terms for you below, using Thai Baht for comparison.bht_graph-01

These rates were checked on provider websites 10.03.2018 at 13:20.

You also don’t need to carry all those notes around with you, which is handy when exploring the unknown 👍

What happens if you have money in your home currency AND a foreign currency?

It will use the official foreign currency first, provided it’s among the ones we support and you have funds. Otherwise you will be charged in your home currency.

What if you don’t have enough foreign currency for the transaction – can it use both in one transaction?

One transaction will never be split into two currencies, so if you don’t have enough in your currency wallet it will be taken from your home currency instead. And obviously, if there isn’t enough in either, the transaction will decline. 😊

Do I need to update the latest version of the app to get this?

No, you don’t – it’ll automatically work with all versions. But we always recommend updating to the latest as we’re reacting to feedback and generally making things better.

Finally, a huge thanks to all our employees and community members involved in testing this release around the world. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

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The WeSwap travel card now makes currency exchange cheaper worldwide 🌍💳

Tell us – where will you be going with WeSwap this year? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we can’t wait to hear what you’ll get up to!

With ❤️, The WeSwap Team




  1. Going Thailand in 2 weeks for 2 weeks, would like more examples of WeSwap compared to
    Post office currency cards or notes please

    1. Hi Wally,

      Sure thing. A quick look at the Post Office cash rate shows that today they’re offering £ = THB40.7750. That is 6.3% more than the base rate (as per xe.com), so they’re 4.3% more expensive than our 2%. 🙂

      Or to put it another way, at The Post Office, spending £500 would get you THB20,387. Using WeSwap, after our fees, spending £500 would get you THB21,327.94 = THB940 more.

      On the travel money card, they don’t seem to display their rates for THB on their page which makes it very difficult to know! All the testing and user feedback we’ve had so far suggests they’ve found WeSwap quite substantially better value, if that helps at all. Sorry I couldn’t do more here.

      Either way, hope you have an amazing trip – and if you’re interested in using WeSwap, you might want to check out this competition we’re running 😉

    1. Hi Emerson – as it happens, we’re rolling out contactless as we speak. If you email [email protected] our team will talk you through what you need to do to get one 😉

  2. Great! Next upgrade that would be really helpful for me would be the ability to upload in USD. Any idea when that could be available?

    1. Hi Peter,

      No ETA I can share yet but it’s on our radar, promise! We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s introduced.

  3. That is great news. But does it work in Egypt? and will i get Egyptian pounds from cash points? Any bottom or top cash limits?

    1. Hey Issam,

      Yes – this means your card will now work in Egypt and you can withdraw Egyptian pounds. You can double check all our limits here . Hope that helps!

    1. Hey Sally,

      Yes, the WeSwap card is a prepaid card you can use to spend all over the world 🙂 There’s more information about how it all works over on our website, or give us a shout at [email protected] if you have any other questions.

    1. Hi Steve,

      That’s definitely the plan 🙂 No ETA yet but we’ll certainly keep you updated.

    1. Thanks Jackie, we’re really pleased too – hopefully we can help on your next trip out there!

    1. Really glad to hear you think so Rhona – cheers! Do keep the feedback coming 🙂

    1. Hey Mathanaan, yep! This update means you can now spend in India and withdraw Rupees from a cash machine – plus anywhere else you want to go in the world 🙂

    1. Hooray! Great to hear, thanks Clare. Do let us know how your trip goes, and send us some pics!

  4. Are you now doing Icelandic króna? You weren’t at the time I went to Iceland in January this year?!🙁

    1. Hi Susan,

      That’s right, your card will now work in Iceland. So sorry we weren’t able to help last time! There’s always the next trip though?

  5. I appreciate being able to change the funds from one wallet/currency to another wallet/currency. What would be great is if I could transfer funds (in a selected currency) from my card to another WeSwap card holder (such as my spouse or other family member). Any plans for this to be offered?

    1. Hi Bill,

      This is brilliant to hear, because card to card transfers is pretty much next on our roadmap. Stay tuned!

    2. Hi
      Can my family in Australia get a card, which I will be able to transfer money to in Oz Dollars (soon I hope).

  6. If I am set up for life time free swaps, will there be charge for instant conversion using the card in extended destinations?

    1. Hi Prasad,

      Yes, I’m afraid we do still need to charge for these transactions as they are more expensive for us right now. Congrats on the free swaps though!

    1. Hi Alan!

      Yes you can. To use your card in Bulgaria, load your account with ££ and spend or withdraw when you get there. Your card will convert it for you on the spot. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Stella, yep 🙂 The card now works everywhere. For India, just load up in £ and spend or withdraw – your money will be converted on the spot. You can see how this looks in the app above. Hope that helps!

  7. I’m off to the Caribbean. They charge me in US Dollars. My card is loaded in dollars so will it treat the purchase as a USD purchase or a Caribbean dollar purchase?

    1. Hi Harry,

      Thanks for the great question. The best thing to do is to use your GBP balance. Although a lot of Carribbean prices are in USD, it’s not the official currency of the country, so you might have issues using USD on your card there. To
      be safe we’d recommend using your home balance. If you have any other questions around this, do give our team a shout at [email protected] and they can reply in detail 🙂

  8. This is good news, but how will we know what the ATM limit is for each country? By that I mean how much of a certain currency, say Thai Bhat or Omani Rials do we need to withdraw from a ATM so that we don’t get charged additional fees?

  9. You use Thai Baht as an example, but the last time I was in Thailand all the Thai banks charged foreigners (note, not locals) a whopping ATM fee of 180 to 200 THB (4.10 to 4.60GBP) for each transaction. Is this the case with a weswap card? If so better to take cash.

    1. Hello Martin.
      You make an extreemly important point about Thai Bhat Foreigner Tax for withdrawing money.
      If WeSwap were to excgange money in our wallets for Thai Bhat for withdrawl as ‘native currency’ avoiding the financial penalties imposed on non residents, that would be a more important step forward than exchange rates.
      Hoping for a reply to our comments.
      All the Best, Gerard 🤓

  10. I’m going to Southeast Asia, can we use the card in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines and converted to the local currency?

  11. Hey this is fabulous news! I regularly travel to Oman, Saudi & Dubai with work, so having a single card to conduct all my transactions on now will be an immediate win. Thanks so much for getting this live WeSwap team – result!

  12. Hi. We will be on a Danube river cruise next month with short stops in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Romania. Great news that we can use our WeSwap cards for meals, purchases etc in each country – Do these new facilities also mean we can withdraw small amounts of each local currency from local ATM’s (say equal to about £50) for a fixed withdrawal fee but the same FX rates?

  13. I’m planning on a cruise in a few weeks. I’ll stop at Jamaica, Cayman islands and cozumel. Can I use my card on the ship? not for reservations but just for purchases? Thank You!

  14. I have moved from France where my home currency was euros.. after updating address etc will it automatically be in pounds Stirling?

  15. Hi

    Can the card be used in Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia? Also what is the charge rate for cash point withdrawals is in home currency? Thanks

  16. Yay! This is excellent news! I’m taking this card on my around the world trip and was going to bring my cash passport (where the rates aren’t as good) to use in Fiji, but now I don’t have too! Thanks WeSwap!

  17. im off to Mauritius and Dubai next week, is my best option to load GBP to my wallet (assume this is instant as no swap involved)?

    How quickly could you get a contactless card to me? i go in a weeks time so not sure whether to apply for one. Thanks!

  18. Does this work in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia? (I go to all there) ?? x

  19. Is the cash machine withdrawal fee also 2% for any currency that is not part of the existing 18 currencies covered by WeSwap?

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