How much spending money do I need in Warsaw?

Warsaw: The Phoenix City.

Steeped in history, destruction and regeneration.

Once considered the Paris of the East, this beautiful city was completely destroyed in WWII.

But from the rubble and ashes rose a new and now remarkably restored place.

A place you should visit.

Visiting Warsaw

There are lots of things to do in Warsaw, with museums, architecture, parks and nightlife. But how much do you need to budget in the Polish Capital? How much do the most popular attractions cost? And do people really eat pork knuckle?

With real data from real travellers, we’ve answered all of your important budgeting questions.

Average daily spend by real travellers in Warsaw: zł.258 (£53) 

This reflects what everyday travellers tend to spend when visiting Warsaw. Think mid-range - most of the major tourist attractions, a few cab rides, maybe a big night out, and a bit of shopping on the side. It doesn’t include the cost of hotels or car hire as these are often booked in advance.

  • Eating Out: zł.94 per day
  • Entertainment (bars, tours & attractions): zł.92 per day
  • Transport: zł.25 per day
  • Shopping: zł.47

Not bad for European Capital! Want to see where it all goes? Read on!

Cost of Attractions, Bars and Museums in Warsaw

Real Traveller Average Daily Spendzł.92

Here are some of the best things to do in Warsaw. The Museums, parks, and pubs are all worth visiting, and you will have no trouble using WeSwap across the city.

  • “WeSwapper Favourite” Royal Residence & Lazienki Park.25
  • Walk around Old Town: FREE
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum: .20
  • Drink in one of the 25 mini pubs in Pawilony (Off Nowy Świat street) zł.8 for 500ml glass
  • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews: zł.25
  • “Staff Pick” Tower of St. Anne's Church (great view of old town): zł.5

Lazienki Palace Park Warsaw Poland

The most popular attraction with WeSwappers was the Lazienki Royal Residence Park. It is a beautiful palace-garden complex built by King Stanislaw August Poniatowski during the second half of the eighteenth century. If you are there on a Sunday in Summer then head to the Chopin Koncerty between 12-4pm for a free concert. Entrance to the stunning park is free, the equally impressive neoclassical Palace on the Water and Pavillions cost zł.25. Look out for the Red Squirrels and Peacocks!


The Old Town which dates back to the 13th century was heavily damaged in the war but has since been meticulously reconstructed and is now a UNESCO Heritage site. Stroll around the cobbled streets and colourful buildings to get a glimpse into Poland's past.

You may not be familiar with the Warsaw Uprising, a tragic event that occurred in 1944 to try and liberate the city from the German forces. This emotive museum does a very good job of recounting the story and takes visitors through 5 sections in chronological order. Entrance is zł.20 and free on Sundays.

Pawilony is an area of over twenty neighbouring pubs, bars, shot bars, and cocktail bars located behind Nowy Świat Street. Centered around culture and community they provide a truly unique experience and reasonable zł.8 beers. Perfect for a quick pint, a few pre-drinks or a full night to remember.(or not remember)

POLIN Museum Warsaw Poland

Voted Europes best museum in 2016 the POLIN is a must. The interactive multimedia exhibition retells 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland. The building is an architectural marvel both externally and internally with concrete wave walls and reconstructed vaults, bimahs, and Jewish streets. Entrance is zł.25 and free on Thursdays.

Old Town Warsaw Poland St Annes Church

Always a sucker for a good view, our staff pick is the super affordable and slightly offbeat St. Anne's Church, in particular, the Bell Tower. With so much great architecture and famed museums, the church can get passed by but it holds one of the best views of the old town. Climb the 147 steps and take in the view all for around £1.

Cost of food and drink in Warsaw

Real Traveller Average Daily Spend: zł.94

  • “WeSwapper Favourite”Podwale 25: zł.41 (average transaction)
  • Mango Vegan Street Food: zł.20 (average transaction)
  • Bobby Burger: zł.23 average main
  • Plan B: zł.14 cocktail zł.9 shots
  • “Staff pick” Bar Bambino - Milk Bar: zł.14

Warsaw food visiting poland

Famed for its pork knuckle Podwale 25 is a WeSwapper Favourite in Warsaw. The restaurant is located right in Old Town and serves hearty Polish cuisine with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. It is a little pricey compared to some of the other options but worth a visit to get that authentic taste of Polish food.

Another popular choice amongst WeSwappers is Mango Vegan Street Food. It has a few locations dotted around the city and boasts a varied menu of falafel, burgers, pita, hummus, curries, and smoothies. It is pretty cheap and looks delicious. A gem for veggies and vegans visiting the capital.

Loved by locals, students, hipsters and tourists this infamous Warsaw bar is always busy. Plan B has gained quite the reputation, known for its minimal decoration efforts, djs, and heavy drinking.

Our staff pick is a real win if you are on a budget and looking for real Polish food with no frills. Bar Bambino is a milk bar, which is basically a Polish cafeteria. They serve good, cheap, meals often based (but not exclusively) on dairy products. Bar Bambino is a culinary experience that provides a true insight into Warsaw life. They have started to offer an English menu but the staff mostly do not speak English. If you can handle a bit of confusion and guesswork you will have a great experience.

Cost of Transport In Warsaw

Real Traveller Average Daily Spend: zł.25

  • Taxi from Modlin Airport to the centre: Around zł.159-199
  • Bus from the airport: zł.35
  • 24h tram & bus ticket: zł.15
  • Single Fare: zł.4

Warsaw Trams and Transport Poland

You can walk around a lot of the Old Town and to many of the museums easily. For further journeys, a single fare on the tram or metro is just zł.4 and a day pass is zł.15. If you are there all weekend you can get a pass for just zł.24 saving you even more! Public transport is super cheap and really good. The airport is about 40 minutes away from the Old Town and if there are 4 of you it may be more convenient to split a taxi.

Cost of a Shopping Trip in Warsaw

Real Traveller Average Daily Spend: zł.47

WeSwapper favourites:

  • Hala Mirowska
  • Koło Bazaar

Hala Mirowska Warsaw Poland

Hala Mirowska is local indoor and outdoor market with a variety of fresh produce. Lots of fruit, meat, cheese, and baked products plus a great place to see the locals going about their day. What makes Hala Mirowska such an attraction is the 19th-century redbrick halls that survived most of the war but were almost destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising.

Kolo Bazaar is a flea market that is open 6am-6pm each weekend. It is a little further out in the northwest but has a trove of interesting artefacts and oddities from all over the world.


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