Day tripping in Osaka: 10 places every traveller should visit

Our guest columnist today is Abby Whitmer. Abby is a free-spirited blogger who wants to "see the whole world". When she's not blogging, she's training for the Appalachian Trail (check it out). As a lover of Asia and Japan, Abby was the obvious choice to cover the wonderful city of Osaka for WeSwap.

5 June 2017

Four great mobile apps for travellers in 2017

The era of traditional travel agents sitting in a brick and mortar shop has almost become a myth for today’s generation. The mobile generation is entirely influenced by the ease and control availed by mobility services.

1 May 2017

Cycling through Eastern Europe: places you have to visit

Since Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, cycling's popularity in the UK has surged. So much so that people are even getting on their bikes to go on holiday! Chloe Smith is a business consultant, part-time writer and cycling enthusiast - when she's not busy travelling the world on two wheels, she tends to write...

25 April 2017

Winter in Sydney: a guide for trend-setters

Richard in the office just returned from two weeks in Sydney without a tan. People were shocked. People were disappointed. But they needn't have been, because unlike Antarctica and snow, and unlike Manchester and the rain (just a joke), it’s not actually always sunny in Sydney!

18 April 2017

9 things you’re unlikely to hear on a budget flight…

Budget airlines are great. They make our holidays cheaper and our choice greater. There isn't much to complain about. But complain we do.

23 March 2017

Moving Abroad: 7 Essential Things to Consider

If you’re seriously thinking about moving overseas in search of a new life, here's our essential list of things you need to get your head around before you start packing, plus a few helpful resources to get you on your way.

10 March 2017

Getting Paid as you Travel the World: How to Make it Happen

There are many professionals for whom life has become a balancing act between the mundane weekly grind and brief holidays which end all too soon. “Why does this week have to end?” and “I wish we could just stay and work here” are cries of common complaint as a holiday nears its end.

5 March 2017

How much spending much do I need in New York City?

New York City, the most famous city in the world. The home of the Empire State Building, Times Square, the New York Yankees, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Maddison Square Garden. The list goes on. But how many greenbacks (dollars) do you need in your pocket to make the most of the Big Apple?...

4 March 2017

7 Awesome Tricks to Save Money on Your Holiday Flights

We’ve all been there: Looking for a cheap flight on a travel search engine. then using a search engine to browse for different travel search engines. It can be a black hole of frustration.

3 March 2017
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