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Travel March 27, 2018


Welcome to budget planner!

Often when we’re booking a trip away, the decision on where to go hinges on the cost of flights and accommodation. But actually, knowing how much spending money you’ll need when you get there is just as important.

So we took spending data from real travellers, and we created this series of city spending guides.

Click on any of the destinations in the table to read a full cost breakdown of food, entertainment, transport and shopping plus some WeSwapper tips on what to see and do!

Destination Average Daily Spend Per Person Average Daily Spend Per Person (GBP)
Las Vegas $205 £164
Oslo 1213 NOK £114
Venice €129 £113
New York $144 £104
London £90 £90
Canary Islands €103 £90
Barcelona  €99 £87
Dublin €99 £87
Madrid €95 £83
Lisbon €95 £83
Berlin €93 £81
Copenhagen KR. 690 £81
San Fransico $108 £78
Budapest FT. 27,254 £76
Paris €82 £72
Sydney $126 £69
Warsaw ZŁ.258 £53

If you would like to see any more destinations added to the budget planner leave a comment below and we will set our clever AI the challenge of working it out!


Paula Barnshaw

01 May 2018

I'm going on a cruise your informative feature on Copenhagen is brilliant. I'd love to see something similar for Oslo, Talinn, Helsinki, Skagen and St. Petersberg please.

Ellie Brady

09 May 2018

What is the recommending budget per day for Thailand


10 May 2018



13 May 2018

Budget for single traveller in Gozo Malta June 2018 for one week (staying in hotel with breakfast only Thank you!


16 May 2018

I am travelling to Brussels for 7 days holiday with family how much do you think is a daily spending per 1 person.

Rebecca Sharrock

28 May 2018

Can you please let me know spending for Dubai and Japan

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