The Cost of Travel Money

Money October 10, 2016
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New York City in Winter – Free things to do

The Big Apple is not an apple. But it is big. So big that knowing what to do as a first-time traveller, or even where to start, can be quite overwhelming. I would really recommend starting with the free things. On…
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WeSwap Product Update

Hello everyone! Olivia from the WeSwap Product Team here with the latest product-related goings on behind the scenes here at WeSwap HQ. It’s our job in product to be the voice of our community. We’re obsessed with improving your experience…
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The 5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Berlin, Strasbourg, Budapest, Vilnius, Krakow - all claim to host the best Christmas market. M&S, Pret, Boots, Sainsbury's, Co-op - all claim to make the best Christmas sandwich. Forget Father Christmas - these are the real questions of modern Yule…
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Love Home Swap… we love to swap ideas too

Sometimes you come across an idea that you have to share. Love Home Swap is most definitely one of those. If you haven’t heard of it already, it basically involves advertising your home on their site and then swapping with…
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Black Friday – from the safety of your home

Black Friday is a good thing. Even for those unwilling to lose teeth over a flatscreen TV. We’ve rounded up the best Black (eye) Friday bits to be found in the world of travel. And it can all be done from…
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Got five friends? Never pay for currency again.

Your invites are key to our travel money revolution. Our mission is to bring down the cost of currency exchange by getting the world swapping currency. Without middlemen in the picture, everyone gets a better deal. We are now making completely…
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Welcome Love Home Swap Members

Welcome to WeSwap! It’s super-exciting to introduce more happy travellers to our peer-to-peer travel money platform - Hi! We love what the guys over at Love Home Swap are doing, and we know you do too – so we’ve got…
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We’re record-breakers

The seven days following our crowdfunding launch have been truly remarkable. So much so that it's been tough condensing them into three highlights. The long and short of it is that you guys are awesome! Together, we made history. With 2281…
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Shareholder Perks

Check out all of the exciting perks you can get as a WeSwap shareholder - including our swanky investor card. These extras are all on top of part-ownership, of course!   You'll also become a part of something much bigger:…
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