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Welcome to WeSwap! It’s super-exciting to introduce more happy travellers to our peer-to-peer travel money platform – Hi!

We love what the guys over at Love Home Swap are doing, and we know you do too – so we’ve got that common already.

If you have heard of our travel money service before but haven’t tried us out, sign up through the blue button and we’ll send you a free prepaid Mastercard® with £10 free money on it. Easy peasy.


If you haven’t heard of us before – and you can still have £10 – but we’ll start from the top:


WeSwap is the world’s first person-to-person travel money provider. Rather than getting your holiday money from a bank or bureaux, you load up your WeSwap card and swap your money into the currency of your choice. Your card then acts just like a debit card when you’re away – either pay over the counter or withdraw cash from ATM.

We now support 18 major currencies and our community has grown to over 200,000. Crucially, we are up to 90% cheaper than other providers. That’s a lot of extra beer/wine to slurp on your jollies.

The really clever part about WeSwap, and one of the reasons that it’s so cheap, is that your money is literally swapped with that of a traveller coming in the opposite direction. They take your Pounds, you take their Euros. Simple.

Through swapping money directly – our clever platform sorts out the swap – we cut out the middleman and remove expensive fees and commissions. £5.6 billion in travel money was lost by the British public in 2015 to hidden rates and commissions. Not fair.

Money is always swapped using the inter-bank exchange rate taken from charge a flat commission and are always consistent. The rates are 2%, 1.3% and 1% – all depending on how quickly you need your money.

The Cost of Travel MoneyTo offer some perspective, this graph shows how much travellers are charged using three main sources: The high-street, the airport bureaux, or using your UK debit card away.

WeSwap charges a maximum of 1.4%.

Sign up to WeSwap today and we’ll load £10 onto your card for free.

If you didn’t come from Love Home Swap, you should check those guys out too.






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