The Cost of Travel Money

How much do you really pay for your travel money?

The Cost of Travel Money

This graph shows how much travel money costs from three main sources. Your credit/debit card will normally cost around 3.5%, a high-street bureau such as the Post Office will charge around 5% and an airport exchange – the most expensive option out there – will cost a whopping 11% for the pleasure.

One of the most frustrating things about traditional providers is their lack of clarity when it comes to pricing and fees. They often claim to charge 0% commission but really the fee is just hidden inside a poor exchange rate.

At WeSwap, we think even the concept of ‘buying’ money is a bit crazy and we passionately believe that going on holiday should be a happy, relaxing time, not a moment to cream money off people.


£ - € Rate % over interbank Advertised fees You get Difference
WeSwap 1.179 1% 1% € 1,168.00
Travelex Heathrow 1.065 10.70% 0% € 1,065.00 -€ 103.00
Natwest Bank 1.126 4.70% 0% € 1,126.00 -€ 42.00
Marks & Spencer 1.149 2.61% 0% € 1,149.00 -€ 19.00
Post office (online) 1.153 2.25% 0% € 1,153.00 -€ 15.00
Tesco Online 1.152 2.30% 0% € 1,152.30 -€ 15.70
Travelex Collection 1.148 2.62% 0% € 1,148.20 -€ 19.80

Rates checked 05.05.2017 14:00, looking at £1000 - €. The interbank was: 1.17931. Rates were those quoted online at and over the phone.


What can you do about it?

Inspired by a recurring scenario at the airport in which our founder would pass colleagues heading to the country he’d just come in from – the WeSwap idea was born. If travellers heading in the opposite direction could just swap their money directly there would be no need to pay for it. They could simply swap it.


Money is swapped between travellers at the official midmarket interbank rate (prices taken from and we Swap charge a flat, transparent commission. For an instant swap, we take 2%, for a three-day swap we take 1.3% and if you can wait a week for your swap, we only take 1% - regardless of how strong, or how weak, the exchange rate is. These flat rates are there so we can cover overheads and keep doing what we're doing. We want to be around for WeSwappers in 10 years time.


How does WeSwap work?

WeSwapWe simply swap your currency directly with other travellers. No hidden fees or shocks when you get home. You load money onto your card via a bank transfer or debit card load, you swap to the currency of your choice and you take the card away with you to spend over the counter or through cash withdrawals from an ATM.

WeSwap is actually much more than just a cheaper way to do get your holiday money, it makes sense operationally too. Sourcing currency from people and not banks reduces costs. Costs that some of our competition cannot avoid. Costs that travellers then have to pick up in fees.

Come and join the people's currency exchange as we take swapping global and help a whole new community stress less and travel happy.

Not a WeSwap member yet? Save up to 90% on your travel money by joining the people's currency exchange today

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