From Milan to Napoli – Italy’s Most Delicious Cheap Pizza

Travel February 10, 2017
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From Milan to Napoli – Italy’s Most Delicious Cheap Pizza

One of the many cool things about having a worldwide community of travellers is that we can gather and share tips from locals everywhere... WeSwap ambassador Gabriele writes for the excellent Emilia Delizia blog. With a keen eye for a bargain and…
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Using Tinder Abroad: Is it a Good Idea?

As the stigma around online dating fades, most people are quite open and honest about their experiences. Opinions vary, but numbers confirm its popularity worldwide. But is Tinder a good idea when away from your home country? Tinder has an…
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How to travel in Europe and keep your budget on track

When it comes to living well on a budget, students are in a league of their own. So who better to ask for guidance on touring around Europe than someone who provides students with their advice! Ruth Bushi works for money…
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2017 Holiday Inspiration – Cheap, Cool & Unusual

Getting in ahead of the crowd not only feels great, it can lead to major financial gains too. Just ask anyone who bought Facebook shares a decade ago. So we set ourselves the not unambitious target of seeing into the…
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Top tips on how to bag a budget ski trip

When you think of skiing holidays, cheap and cheerful isn’t usually a phrase that springs to mind. But thankfully bagging a budget ski trip is possible, you just need to know where to look... We know there's a lot to…
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5 interesting new holiday trends for 2017

There’s one thing we can all agree on… 2016 was a year full of unpredictable twists and turns. We can’t profess to know exactly what 2017 holds, but we can take a look at emerging patterns and trends to make…
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New York City in Winter – Free things to do

The Big Apple is not an apple. But it is big. So big that knowing what to do as a first-time traveller, or even where to start, can be quite overwhelming. I would really recommend starting with the free things. On…
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The 5 Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Berlin, Strasbourg, Budapest, Vilnius, Krakow - all claim to host the best Christmas market. M&S, Pret, Boots, Sainsbury's, Co-op - all claim to make the best Christmas sandwich. Forget Father Christmas - these are the real questions of modern Yule…
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The impact of Brexit so far to the pound

Soft Brexit, hard Bexit... what do all the recent headlines mean for those of us planning a holiday soon? Here's our short summary. Firstly, hard Brexit, soft Brexit… what does it mean? Well, a hard Brexit means Britain taking a…
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WeSwap meets Antonia

Antonia Vanbergen is a 29-year-old financial controller from Kent. She's a frequent traveller and recently returned home from a big trip to the US. Given her profession and thirst for travel, we thought she'd be a good person to catch…
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