From Milan to Napoli – Italy’s Most Delicious Cheap Pizza

February 2017

One of the many cool things about having a worldwide community of travellers is that we can gather and share tips from locals everywhere...

WeSwap ambassador Gabriele writes for the excellent Emilia Delizia blog. With a keen eye for a bargain and a well-trained Italian pallette, we asked him to name the most delicious, affordable restaurants from across his motherland. Perhaps unsurprisingly - a pizza theme developed.

If you're heading to Milan, Bologna, Naples, Florence or Modena - you're in luck. If you're not - you might be soon! Meet Gabriele...


Okay, I'm a little biased, but I think Italian cooking is the best in the world. Nowhere will you find tastier pizzas, spaghetti, lasagne, or cannoli than in the country where they originated.

But whilst beautiful, Italy can also be a very expensive place to travel for the budget-conscious tourist. The great thing is, I'm here today to prove that you don't need to spend a fortune to taste the best flavours on offer.

With only 10-15 euros you can eat well and still manage to save some money. Thank me later!


1. Milan - pizzeria spontini

While Milan's Pizzeria Spontini may not have a varied menu it more than makes up for it with its thick, juicy pizzas. Many tourists stop by to take a break from window shopping in Milan's fashionable districts and fill their bellies with some tasty, cheap pizza.

Here the pizzas are made with a fluffy type of dough, which makes them super big and soft. You can either buy a normal slice of pizza for just €5.50 euros or get the big one for an extra euro. But don't underestimate the sizes, these pizzas will leave even big eaters feeling full so this is the perfect place to stop if you're feeling really hungry.

If pizza isn't your thing they also cook a great lasagna pasta here and you can accompany it with beer, wine, or sodas. Beverages are cheap, so when you sum it up your bill shouldn't come up more than €€15.


2. Bologna - Altero

Altero is one of those small pizzerias that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. Located in Via Dell Independenza, in downtown Bologna, this cozy store offers a great selection of pizzas. From the popular Marinara, to the tasty Margherita, there's plenty of options to choose from just waiting bellow the counter, so you can just stop to grab a bite and be on your way in no time.

Regardless of which pizza you choose the dough used in them is well made, so the bread is soft but still has a crispy crust. The portions are reasonable, not too small or too big, and the price is more than affordable. You can take your family here and feed them without spending too much. Four slices of pizza will cost you less than €€7, and you can accompany your meal with locally-produced wine, beer, or sodas for a friendly price.


3. Naples - Pizzeria Da michele

This legendary pizzeria offers a small selection of pizzas which are well prepared and budget friendly. Although the menu has only two basic pizzas available, they are so well made that you won't need to add any extra toppings or flavors to it to make it taste better.

Each ingredient is perfectly cooked to make the most of the flavor of the dough, cheese, and sauce. Only fresh vegetables are used to make the sauce, so you can pick apart the tomatoes flavor from the garlic and herbs in the pizza.

The prices are ridiculously cheap, especially when you consider the quality of the pizza. You can buy an entire pizza for just €5 and even if you buy a second one, plus beverages, your bill still won't be over €15.


4. Florence - I due Fratellini

I due Fratellini is the perfect spot to catch a breath from sight-seeing the beautiful renaissance streets of Florence, and eat a delicious sandwich. While this small sandwich store might not look like much at first glance, it has the reputation of having the best sandwiches in the city.

Here you can pick from a wide variety of sandwiches, going from the luscious ham sandwich with soft goat cheese; to the vegetarian mozzarella, cheese, and tomato sandwich; or popular Italian sandwiches with a Tuscan twist. Each one made using fresh vegetables, meats, and freshly baked bread. On top of that you can have a locally produced chianti by the glass to go with your sandwich for just 2 euros extra.

Prices are very friendly, with €€4 being the standard price for any sandwich and beverages being even cheaper, making it the perfect spot to catch a bite before you continue discovering this wonderful city.


5. Modena - Osteria Ermes

If you're visiting Modena finding a good restaurant where you can eat a full meal under €€20 might seem like mission impossible. That is until you visit Osteia Ermes.

Okay, so this isn't pizza but it just had to go in the list. This small eatery has the atmosphere of a true Italian restaurant. Everything from the friendly owners to the simple decoration, and the delicious food combines to make this place a gastronomical landmark for locals and tourists alike.

The food they offer is cheap, varied, and delicious. You can choose from up to three styles of pasta, eat a tasty tortellini, or go for a meaty zampone. Everything has the same fix price, so there really isn't any chance of feeling any buyer's remorse, and you even get dessert, coffee and wine all inclusive.



Huge thanks to Gabriele for this tummy-rumbling post!

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