Using Tinder Abroad: Is it a Good Idea?

August 2017

As the stigma around online dating fades, most people are quite open and honest about their experiences. Opinions vary, but numbers confirm its popularity worldwide. But is Tinder a good idea when away from your home country?

Tinder has an estimated 50 million users, a total of 8 billion matches and interestingly… it’s available in every single country of the world!

One recent study suggested that dating apps contributed £11.7 billion to the economy last year – more than two-thirds of that was spent on dates. The stats don’t lie.


Tinder even transcends tough political regimes; a journalist recently claimed to have found one user in his vicinity whilst on a trip to North Korea. Alas – no match.

So now the crux of the matter – is it a good tool to meet people abroad?

Well, it’s certainly an easy method to meet people quickly or even before you get there. With Tinder you can link up with your friends and match groups, mixed or otherwise, and go from there! Maybe a good way to screen people before you decide to meet them.

It’s also a little less intimidating than a first date – or interview, as someone more cynical than me might describe them!

Another positive? Meeting the locals. As much fun as visiting local tourist attractions can be – it’s not really how the locals live.

The average Londoner wouldn’t spend their weekend going on the London Eye, taking a selfie by Big Ben followed by a shop around M&M World for example.

There’s no better way of finding that little-known live music venue, or that cafe with the killer milkshakes, than by meeting someone who lives there.sharing a milshake

When I travelled to Peru last year my arrival coincided with their local elections. That meant that alcohol was banned and all establishments had to close at 9pm sharp.

Luckily I met someone through Tinder who knew the one bar in Lima that was open past curfew.

The bouncer took a sheepish look left and right before hurrying us down a side street and into the venue. If it wasn’t for that I’d have been tucked in by 10pm.

It’s also a great way to learn the language. Whether that’s brushing up on your Spanglish in Madrid or perfecting your French to the level of Dereck Trotter.

Now the negative: Tinder is littered with strange people.

crossStay safe by using your best judgement about who you're meet. Check social media to see if they are who they say they are and always meet in public places.

When you talk to people about their tinder dates, there are always anecdotes filled with awkward situations and disappointments. That’s not confined to the British Isles I’m afraid.

In my opinion – for singletons it is an option all things considered. But don’t put all your eggs in the Tinder Basket.

Happy travels!

If you have any Tinder travel stories - good or bad - please do share in the comments section below




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