Dubai, UAE - Mar 21, 2014: People throwing colorful paint and powder during holi festival celebrations.

20 Unmissable World Events for 2019

We’re all about creating memories here at WeSwap. And in 2019, we’re looking to help you make even more. How? By helping you tick off those big bucket list items, while also giving you any excuse to get away. Whenever you can. Wherever you want.

So, get your calendars out. Because here are our top 20 world events for 2019.


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Santorini Donkey

How Much Spending Money Do I Need For Santorini?

Santorini is sadly most famous for being the location of one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions Earth has ever witnessed. But these days it’s much more famous for delicious food, black beaches and too many tourists in summer.  This island has a lot more to offer though than your typical tourist spot on the Med. There are chic art galleries, microbreweries and a host of delightful fishing villages and local tavernas for those willing to look for them.

There are also, obviously, lots of ruins.

So we’ve taken all this into account, gathered real data from real travellers, consulted the WeSwap family and come up with this guide on just how much spending money you’ll need for a trip to Santorini. Read More

Asian Currency Banknotes


Baht, Riel, Dong, Kip, Kyat, The Mighty Dollar, ATMs that charge, ATMs that don’t, ATMs that aren’t ATMs, Western Unions, street corner currency exchanges, stolen cards…

Managing money while travelling across South East Asia (we’ll call this SEA for now) can and will make your head hurt. You’re navigating a number of different currencies with wildly different exchange rates, the countries’ have an (often unfair) reputation for fraud and theft, your contactless card is suddenly of no use and single streets can appear to house ten different micro-economies.

This, however, shouldn’t stop you from visiting the world’s original backpacker destination. You just need to a bit of forward planning. You just need to write five custom-made blogs on how to manage your money in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Read More

Myanmar Kyats bank notes background

How Best to Manage your Money in Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar has only been open to tourists since 2012 but in that time the ease at which tourists and their money have been able to move around the country has increased rapidly. There are ATMs all over the place, bigger hotels now take credit cards and an ever-evolving Wi-Fi network means you can transfer money online more places than ever.

However, like any developing nation, there are still hiccups here and there, so we’ve written this blog to avoid those hiccups. Consider it holding your breath (or your chosen method of hiccup removal) in blog form. Read More

Laos Kip Banknotes

How Best to Manage your Money in Laos

Despite being one of the cheapest countries in South East Asia, Laos can be one the hardest nations for money management. This is mostly because the tourist-heavy, tube loving party-town of Vang Vieng, the expensive hippie Utopia of Luang Prabang and Vientiane, Laos’ the on-the-rise capital, are a world away economically than almost everywhere else in the country. So knowing much cash you might need in your pocket/on your card or how you’re even going to get that cash can be tricky.

So, to help you avoid this trickiness we’ve written this guide to give you a helping hand with managing your Kip. Read More

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