[Infographic] ATM Fees Abroad and How to Avoid Them #WeSwapWisdom

Tips May 30, 2018


Last week, we released some pretty shocking stats revealing that UK travellers are losing a whopping £125 million in fees by using their normal bank cards at overseas ATMs. Ouch.

The problem: if we’re not careful, it’s possible to be charged up to 4 separate times – for one. single. withdrawal with a typical bank card overseas. Yikes! 

Avoiding these charges is one reason why we’ve worked so hard to keep ours as low as possible, and why any ATM withdrawals over £200 are completely free with your WeSwap card – something you don’t get with any other travel card.

But unfortunately, the card you use is just one factor.

In the interests of helping you keep your holiday budgets for important things, like poolside mojitos and second desserts, we’ve rounded up the four fees you should be looking out for when you withdraw overseas and put them in one handy infographic. Read on!

Artboard 6 version 3 (1)


Now you have become an ATM Pro, try out your new knowledge with our DCC Quiz and see if you can beat the charges!

And whatever you do, remember that with your WeSwap card, withdrawals over £200 cost nothing at all. Zero, zip, zilch. One handy step closer to helping you avoid these completely. Nice.


Suzan Ann Moon

05 June 2018

Used WeSwap for a while now, it’s so easy to convert your currency at a drop of a hat. And l always withdraw 200 at a time any balance l use for shopping or eating out.


25 June 2018

Euronet have started charging even if you follow the We Swap criteria I have informed WeSwap but they didn't want to publicise it but YOU ARE BEST USING BANK ATMS TO AVOID CHARGES.ALTHOUGH THEY ARE HARDER TO FIND THAN EURONET

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