Oh, HAPPy Days.

HAPPy days - We’ve rebuilt the WeSwap app.

8 June 2016

The best way to get US Dollars

A really painful way to ruin an otherwise well-budgeted US trip is to discover you have lost out unnecessarily on overseas card fees or bad exchange rates – a bad choice here could cost you as much as a massive extra 10% - so take heed.

8 June 2016

Swap smelly sprouts for sizzling swag

Great things happen when you swap. Normally (for us) that means getting you a better deal on travel money - but this year we're, er, branching out! 

8 June 2016

3 Startups Putting LA Back on the Tech Map

2015 has been another great year for start-ups. As precocious teams earn more respect, funding increases and great ideas are developed. San Francisco sems to take all the headlines but a mere 400 miles south of Silicon Valley, there’s a forgotten tech hub brimming with talent. Southern California AKA SoCal, is poised and ready for a...

8 June 2016

6 Travel Destinations Made Famous Through Cinema

Who would have guessed that Hollywood itself would play a leading role in global tourism? These six incredible film locations have been thrust into the public eye thanks to the movies shot there. Guest blogger Bryn Wied picks out the most weird and wonderful...

8 June 2016

4 Mobile Apps Guaranteed to Improve Your London Life

According to Satista.com, mobile app downloads have now topped 179 billion worldwide. By 2017, that number is expected to rise to over 270 billion. Needless to say, there are already some excellent apps that make London-living more entertaining, enjoyable and stress-free. Here are four of the most essential...  

8 June 2016

Discover Tokyo Through Instagram

Tokyo boasts a totally unique blend of contemporary living and old-fashioned manners; slick, high-tech gadgets and cheesy cartoon mascots. It can be smotheringly claustrophobic and strangely quiet. Here are 5 Instagram shots that best encapture this playground of paradox.

8 June 2016

Namibia: 7 Bits of Killer Pub Trivia

As the lowest-ranked team at the Rugby World Cup, Namibia were always going to find it difficult. But there has been no shortage of heart from the African side, and it turns out the country has quite a history...

8 June 2016

Fiji: 7 Facts that Will Impress your Mates

Whilst England, Australia and Wales have been moaning about the 'Group of Death' for the last few weeks/months/years, Fiji have done what Fiji always do - they're just got on with it. A World Cup exit is inevitable but here are seven great facts you didn't know about this wonderful country in the South Pacific.

8 June 2016
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