WeSwapper Stories: Email from Chris

Travel September 23, 2016


We always like to hear from WeSwappers out on their travels, but this email really made us smile…



We just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks!

Just over two years ago, me and my partner were both working in boring finance jobs in the city, but after taking voluntary redundancy, decided to buy a second hand camper van and try and explore all of Europe in one year! Foolish to think it could be done in less than a year, we are now just over two years in and making good progress of visiting every country in Europe!

Initially, we took some Euros, did a little work here and there and unfortunately had to use the cashpoint every now and again, which resulted in being majorly stung with high fees and poor rates. The worst thing then happened, as we saw a good rate and exchanged our Sterling for Euros, about 1500E, when our van was broken into in Lloret de Mar and the money we thought we had been clever in hiding, was gone!

From our lowest ebb, we returned home to see family for a few months and discovered pre paid cards, one of us going for Thomas Cook (a fee each time we made a withdrawal, dormancy charges and poor rates when converting money back on the trip) and one of us for WeSwap! Genuinely, we have not been dissapointed, no fees beats the other card for starters, but with the rates better than we can get elsewhere, even more so after Brexit – our money goes further. We are so converted that when we meet fellow Brits – it is like a recruitment drive, we tell them they are crazy if they do not have that special piece of plastic in their wallet! With no fear if the worst was to happen again and we suffer another robbery, we know our money is protected – well worth the peace of mind.

We are currently in Kosovo and WeSwap came to the rescue, here too, in fact we used it everywhere with no problems. In fact even in Macedonia which does not use the Euro, we have used our card, so it has been invaluable.

I have included a link to our blog that we have updated with all of the places we have been to from day one. Hopefully you may like some parts of it, but if as we travel there are some places or adventures you would like us to detail we have plenty of pictures and plenty of stories!


Thanks again!

Chris & Richard”


Thanks Chris, thanks Richard. What a lovely note to receive on a Friday morning! Spring. In. Step.



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