Swap smelly sprouts for sizzling swag

Travel June 8, 2016


Great things happen when you swap. Normally (for us) that means getting you a better deal on travel money – but this year we’re, er, branching out! 

Until 23rd December, we’re inviting you to play our awesome (and slightly addictive) online sprout-catching game: “Swap Sprouts for Swag”.

Using our hipster Santa, catch virtual sprouts in a virtual dustbin and we could be swapping them for NON-virtual goodies AKA Swag.

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These swaps are pretty spectacular: Soggy, tepid sprouts for GoPro Cameras, a hoverboard Segway, £50 Eurostar vouchers and rest of this lot…


Swag List

1 x Hover board Segway • 2 x GoPro Hero cameras • 3 x £50 Eurostar Vouchers • 5 x Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Noise Isolating Earphones • 5 x Portable Speakers • 8 x Selfie Sticks • 8 x Point it! Language Book • 8 x Portable Charger • 10 x £20 WeSwap Travel Money Credit • 100 x £5 Travel Money Credit

You can only play once a day but do come back daily and have another shot – our prizes are super cool and although they are inedible, they’re more appetising than a sprout.

Good luck

The WeSwap Team


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