Meet Loki, the travelling dog of North America

Travel February 23, 2017


Inside most of us there lives a frustrated explorer bursting to get out.

The problem is, whenever they threaten to surface and make a bold decision, they get swallowed back down by a sensible side that considers stability, security and home comforts.

Mostly though, people don’t just take the plunge, quit their jobs and travel – because they would miss their friends and family too much.

So Kelly Lund made a compromise – he’d get out and explore north America, but he’d also take his friend, family and No.1 home comfort with him. Luckily in his case, they’re all rolled into one.

Enter Loki – a Siberian husky/Malamute/Arctic World super breed…

Despite the teddy bear looks, Malumites and Huskies are not the easiest of dogs to manage and one of Loki’s recent relatives was actually a wolf. A proper one. Loki’s breed are active, working dogs who are at their happiest hunting seals and bears in the Arctic.

Kelly worked in outdoor recreation so man and best friend spent a lot of time in the great outdoors.

In 2013, Kelly started posting pictures of Loki (who he’d owned for around a year) on his Instagram account. Aware that the account was becoming a little dog-heavy, and that people were actually more interested in the pooch, Kelly created him his own account that same year – @Loki_the_wolfdog.

The account meandered along until one post in 2015 went viral with 10,000 likes – suddenly Loki had 500,000 followers!

Scroll down to read more about Loki’s story. First, though, here are some examples of what they do best.




As you can see – Loki and Kelly create some incredible pictures. It obviously helps that Kelly has an eye for a good shot and that Loki is so easy on the eye. But how do they live? Does Kelly work?

No, Kelly no longer works – unless you class his work as Loki’s social media manager as a job.

Being an honest guy, Kelly also shared some information on partnerships that allow him to do what he does.

Commercial partnerships:

  • Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Kelly put together a Loki calendar, proceeds allowed a young girl to adopt a service dog and helped fund other pet adoptions.
  • Android Wear watch promotional video for Google. A weekend of work earned the equivalent of two months salary at his old job. The video was viewed 300,000 times.
  • Private speaking and Q&As are another source of income.
  • According to a recent interview, Kelly earns $10 per thousand followers per post. With 1.3 million followers, he’s making $13,000 for a photo! Not all of Lund’s posts are commercialised but a lot are.

Some more great snaps:

One of these shots was only taken yesterday (22/02/17) so it’s looking rosy now, but what about the future?

Whilst he’s definitely got a bit of superhero in him, Loki won’t live forever and though it’s frankly hard to imagine- their popularity might wane. So what’s the backup plan? What about in 10 years time?

Lund is already launching a line of Loki dog products and is trying his hand at a bit of children’s literature (Kelly, not Loki). He’s also planning on writing a dog training manual for adults – safe to say he has some authority in this department. We say good luck to them. And good luck to anyone else who wants to let their stifled inner-explorer out…

If you enjoyed reading about Loki the dog, do let us know in the comments section below.


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