Fiji: 7 Facts that Will Impress your Mates

Travel June 8, 2016


Whilst England, Australia and Wales have been moaning about the ‘Group of Death’ for the last few weeks/months/years, Fiji have done what Fiji always do – they’re just got on with it.

A World Cup exit is inevitable but here are seven great facts you didn’t know about this wonderful country in the South Pacific.


1. It is a common misconception that Fiji is a small island. It is actually a collection of 332 islands.

2.  It is thought that Fiji has the highest player-to-population ratio of all rugby playing nations.



3. “Wilson, Willllllllsoooonnnnn”. Everyone remembers the heart-wrenching scene in Castaway where Tom Hanks* loses his beloved rugby ball**, well that happened off the shores of Monuriki (an uninhabited ‘islet’ in Fiji).

 *Tom Hanks’ character was called Chuck Noland. **Wilson was actually a volleyball.

4. Fiji has three official languages – English, Fijian (with over 200 different dialects) and Hindustani.

5. Almost 40% of Fiji’s population is of Indian descent.


6. Collectively, the country is spread across 7,000 square miles (only around 1,000 less than Wales).

7. In Fiji, time is a very loose commodity. Your taxi, guided tour and aeroplane will all be late. And why? Because everyone runs on ‘Fiji Time’. Annoying for some (investment bankers), great for others (Ed Woodward).


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