9 things you’re unlikely to hear on a budget flight…

Travel March 23, 2017


Budget airlines are great. They make our holidays cheaper and our choice greater. There isn’t much to complain about. But complain we do.

We had a bit of fun in the office this week coming up with lines you’re unlikely to hear on any budget flight. Here are nine of the best…

  1. “It’s just the right temperature in here. Not too hot, or too cold.”
  2. “Yes, I know exactly where I put my boarding pass, one moment.”
  3. “We did only pay £9 for this flight, I wouldn’t expect a free drink.”
  4. “That lifejacket demonstration was captivating.”
  5. “Is that too much leg room for you, sir?”
  6. “Compliments to the chef!”
  7. “That baby is nice and quiet”.
  8. “Course you can hog the armrest. It’s cool.”
  9. “Speedy boarding? Worth every penny.”


We need to make a nine a ten. Add yours in the Comments below and we’ll add our favourite to the article. Ready, go?


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Peter Dick

24 March 2017

You have been upgraded to business.


25 March 2017

Isn't it great that we land at an airport near the city we thought we were going to. Such a short transfer.

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