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Travel February 15, 2017


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When we think travel, we think sunshine, beaches and cocktails (it can’t just be me, right?). But reality can be cruel sometimes and bursting our bubble is the least of its concern.  How many times have you experienced unexpected flight delays, awful accommodation, running around in circles in search of a nice restaurant, and having issues with unrealistic exchange rates? I’m sure most of these ring a bell or for some – it hits them like a gong.

Although some things are out of our control, others are not. So don’t throw in the towel just yet. Nowadays there are apps for everything – business apps, gaming apps, educational apps. The list goes on. So it would only make sense to have some great travel apps out there. Here are five apps that can help eliminate the most commonly experienced travel problems.


airbnb_appIf you haven’t come across Airbnb yet, you’re definitely missing out on a lot. Airbnb makes looking for accommodation fun. And my definition of fun when looking for accommodation can be summed up in three words – cheap, fast and easy. What’s yours?

What makes Airbnb stand out from the competition is the fact that real people offer real properties, with real pictures and reviews from real people. Note the emphasis on real? In the world marketing it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. So, whenever I strike gold, I like to let it shine.

Apart from booking your next accommodation, you can also use the Airbnb app to browse through various activities, or experiences as Airbnb call them, and select the activity matching your destination. Leave your accommodation nightmares behind you with this pocket-sized real-estate agency. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.


Flights, hotels, rental cars can cause quite the headache. But you don’t have to get the aspirin out just yet. With the Skyscanner app you can easily search for all the travel essentials from one place. It really is your all-in-one travel app.  You can compare prices for different dates and even receive alerts when a good deal pops up.

Planning your next holiday is made easier with the Skyscanner app. Try it out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


The list would not be complete without a map application. HERE WeGo is an awesome app that will make finding your way around town a whole lot easier. Its offline maps enable users to navigate without an internet connection. It has some great features including voice guidance, transit comparisons, real-time traffic information and public transit information for over 1,300 cities.

If you’ve got a place to be, HERE WeGo will get you there. It’s simple and easy to use – plus it’s free. It’s a travel companion that you should always take with you.


Air HelpAirHelp-App-00

As the name suggest, this app helps with all your flight problems. Just because your flight was delayed, diverted, canceled or overbooked doesn’t mean you should just shrug it off. There’s a better solution.

With the help of Air Help you can get compensated for your lost time. In fact your flight troubles can amount to hundreds of dollars. It’s simple and easy and only takes three minutes to file a claim. The best thing about this app is that you don’t have to pay any fees unless you are compensated. It’s completely secure. This is one app that every smart traveler should keep on their screens.


What Now?

Are plans already underway for your next travel destination? Make sure equipping your digital devices with these great apps is also in the queue for your travel preparations. They’ll definitely come in handy. Have a great time and you can thank us later.

P.S Have you already tried some of these apps? Were they helpful? We’d love to hear your comments in the section below!


Thanks, Martina, a comprehensive round up. All of the above are free so really, there isn’t an excuse not to download them all and give them a go!

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