10 Essential Tips for Packing Light

How-To August 4, 2016
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10 Essential Tips for Packing Light

We've never met a traveller who, after five trips, bragged: “Every year I pack heavier". From the moment you set off for your flight, to the moment you arrive home and try to jam all your dirty laundry into the…
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How Will Brexit Affect our Holidays?

The post-referendum dust has started to settle, but there are still necessary questions around its implications for us travellers. Namely, how will Brexit affect our holidays? Although not everything has become 100% clear yet, here’s what we know today –…
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WeSwapper Stories – A Weekend in Lyon

As you might have seen, we’ve been surprising WeSwappers with hand-delivered gifts all around the world this summer. Something that’s only possible because our community is growing. Connecting us travellers makes everything easier: Our travel money gets cheaper, our holiday…
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People-Powered Surprises

We founded WeSwap to put power back in the hands of ordinary travellers like you and us. Nobody should be worrying about poor exchange rates when there’s a fantastic pizza menu to deliberate over. So to celebrate, we’re delivering People-Powered…
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Avoiding the Tube: 5 Alternative Ways to Navigate London

Liam, full-time content editor at WeSwap and part-time armchair transport critic, on alternative ways to travel around the capital. As temperatures soared this week, London and its inhabitants almost melted into an apocalypse: Our feet glued themselves to the pavement,…
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Andorra: The Best Budget Ski Trip in Europe

As we’ve said in the past, heading to the slopes pre-peak (November/December) or post-peak (March/April), is a fantastic idea. Andorra, a microstate locked between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains, is arguably the best budget ski trip in Europe. Liam,…
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New Zealand All Blacks: 7 Bits of Killer Pub Trivia

The New Zealand All Blacks are the most consistent international sports team in the world. They have topped the IRB rugby rankings continuously since 2006, they boast a staggering 91% win ratio in that time and they also do the Haka.…
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Find Dublin’s Best Pubs… They’re Not in Temple Bar!

To say there are lots and lots of pubs in Dublin would rank somewhere close to “Houston, we have a problem” in the understatement-stakes. Why then, do millions of us flock to the Irish capital every single year and settle in…
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Spending Money in the USA: The Ultimate Guide

From shopping in New York and skiing in Denver, to surfing the Big Sur and sailing the Mississippi - you are able to experience almost anything in the United States of America. But whilst the endless list of possibilities makes for…
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