WeSwap Product Update

News December 1, 2016


Hello everyone! Olivia from the WeSwap Product Team here with the latest product-related goings on behind the scenes here at WeSwap HQ.

It’s our job in product to be the voice of our community. We’re obsessed with improving your experience and helping you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about your spending money.

Over the last few months, we’ve listened to your feedback and released a whole bunch of enhancements on our site and apps, focusing especially on security and helping our new users, to get them up and swapping as fast as possible.

Our latest releases have included a simplified first swap experience, a date and destination input box for the details of your trip, plus PIN and Touch ID sign in for our apps, to take the security of your account to the next level.

We’ve also been busy behind the scenes to get a host of speed improvements to our API in place, so you may have noticed your experience getting better and even more efficient.
Another big part of what the Product Team do is planning and we’ve got some seriously exciting ideas. Our focus for 2017 is on making your experience seamless so we’re looking at ourselves under a microscope to identify our areas for improvement and pulling together new prototypes for our product based on what we find.

We want as much feedback as possible every single step of this journey so if you fancy giving us a helping hand, get in touch!

You’ll be able to come in to WeSwap HQ, meet the team and have a play around on a few of our prototypes to get the first glimpse into the future of WeSwap. You’ll see exactly what we’re planning for next year, to help our community stress less and travel happy. Pretty cool if you ask me!

If you have any ideas or feedback in the meantime, we’d love to hear it. Email me and the team any time at [email protected]!


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12 December 2016

Fantastic service by your customer service team special mention to Maria. Had a problem when no cash or receipt issued,but card debited at an ATM the team couldn't have done anymore and my card was reloaded just as they said it would be ?

Colin Charles

13 December 2016

Just back from St Lucia. I understand that its not straightforward, but was disappointed that I couldn't use my WeSwap USD even though most things are priced in that currency! Any prospect of adding ECDollars to the portfolio soon?


14 December 2016

Thanks for your message, Colin. We don't have any immediate plans for EC Dollars but we are doing lots of research around where best to expand into in 2017. We also want to make it easier to use the card like you suggested - if you're in St Lucia and they accept USD you should be able to load, swap and use USD there. Watch this space, hopefully things will be much easier and more flexible in the near future. The WeSwap Team

Steve Harding

13 December 2016

what is holding up proliferation of the capability to other markets? I'm currently seconded to the US and earning some money in dollars and it would be useful to be able to load Dollars and swap to Euros for instance. Is it regulation, support capability, something technical or in the business detail?


14 December 2016

Hi Steve, Thanks for your message - we will look closely into this feedback as a team. USD loads are most definitely on our radar along with, for example, expansion into large Asian markets in 2017. Nothing is set in stone yet but we will endeavor to make the right call so that we can continue to grow and get the world swapping! Thanks The WeSwap Team

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