WeSwap now supports Turkish Lira and Israeli New Shekel.

News June 8, 2016


Big news today folks: we’re very proud to welcome Turkish Lira (TRY) and Israeli New Shekel (ILS) to the WeSwap party! 

The WeSwap MasterCard

Explore the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv or admire the minarets of Istanbul – your WeSwap card and app will now work for all your payments and withdrawals. A fast and super simple way to get the best rates on your Turkish Lira and Israeli Shekel.

That means you can now hold up to 18 currencies on your WeSwap card. The map below shows all the places you can go with WeSwap today. Round the world trip, anyone?

How can I find my new currencies?

It’s easy. Go to create a swap on your WeSwap app or dashboard and they’ll be listed in the dropdown.

What exchange rate do you offer?

Just like always, we use the real exchange rate from xe.com and charge 1%-2%. But we know research is important. We’ve taken the rates today so you can compare us to the Post Office, M&S and Travelex. Have a look at how much you could save…

Pound Sterling (GBP) to Turkish Lira (TRY) compared

Currency Provider £1000 Gets You… The Rate… So You Save…
WeSwap TRY 4,106 4.106
Travelex TRY 3,882 3.8823 TRY 224
Post Office TRY 3,966 3.9659 TRY 140
Marks & Spencer TRY 3,884 3.884 TRY 222

Pound Sterling (GBP) to Israeli Shekel (ILS) compared

Currency Provider £1000 Gets You… The Rate… So You Save…
WeSwap ILS 5,411 5.41
Travelex ILS 5,158 5.1576 ILS 253
Post Office ILS 5,152 5.1518 ILS 259
Marks & Spencer ILS 5,069 5.069 ILS 342

Rates checked 04/05/2016 10.35am.

So there you have it – two new additions to your WeSwap wallet. We hope you have fun spending them.

And rest assured we won’t be stopping here. Is there a particular currency you’d like us to cover? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned.

Happy swapping!

The WeSwap Team


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