Nine new currencies!

News June 8, 2016


Today, we added 9 new currencies into the WeSwap mix  – check out our newest additions…

Since we launched WeSwap a year or so ago, we’ve received countless emails, tweets and posts asking us when we’ll add support for more currencies. As we’ve grown, it’s been hugely encouraging, and humbling, to know that so many of you want to use WeSwap for more of your holidays, and so today we’re delighted to able to say that you can do just that…

We’ve added 9 new currencies into the WeSwap mix. Take a look at the new additions:

CHF (Swiss Franc)
AUD (Australian Dollar)
NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
CAD (Canadian Dollar)
HKD (Hong Kong Dollar)
SGD (Singapore Dollar)
HUF (Hungarian Forint)
ZAR (South African Rand)
JPY (Japanese Yen)


*update from summer 2016*

To get this article up to speed – and make sure nobody misses anything – we deal in a total of 18 currencies on the WeSwap currency card and mobile app. As well as the nine highlighted above you can also visit WeSwap to swap your GBP for:

USD (US Dollars)
EUR (Euros)
NOK (Norwegian Kroner)
SEK (Swedish Kronor)
DKK (Danish Kroner)
PLN (Polish Zloty)
ILS (Israeli Shekel)
TRY (Turkish Lira)

Thanks again to all of our travellers for choosing to do currency the smart way.

The more people we can get swapping, the more we can drive the cost of travel money down. The power is shifting away from the traditional providers and back into the hands of regular travellers and it’s truly exciting.

Onwards and upwards!
The WeSwap Team


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