Load and Swap on the go: the WeSwap app

News June 8, 2016


Our latest update to the WeSwap app means you can now load and swap currency on the move, wherever you happen to be.

We have to say, we’re pretty excited about this new functionality.

Everyone knows that airport exchange bureaus and hotels are notoriously bad when it comes to currency charges, with hidden mark-ups of up to 17%. But we’ve all been there – what with one thing and another, sometimes organising our travel money just gets lost amongst all the holiday prep, and in the end we’re left with little alternative but to use the expensive option.

Now, no matter how late you’ve left getting your travel money, the WeSwap app lets you organise last minute currency without the premium costs. You can even set up a swap while standing in line at airport security and have the currency ready to spend when you arrive.

And the new app means there’s even less reason to suffer those unwelcome additional costs from having to use your debit or credit card for unexpected spending abroad. If you find yourself running low, simply load and swap from the comfort of your sun lounger.

It’s last minute currency, without the last minute charges. Available to download now on iOS and Android.


WeSwap is the first ever person-to-person currency exchange for travellers. By matching people up who are travelling in different directions, we allow holidaymakers, expats and business travellers around the world to swap their different currencies without using banks or expensive retail outlets. It’s cheaper, more transparent and we’d like to think it makes people happier too. Sign up today to save on your travel money.


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