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News June 8, 2016


The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed our inaugural outdoor ad campaign, turning heads across the capital…

Bold, striking and (yes) not just a little bit cheeky – presenting WeSwap on the London Underground.

Out with the old and in with new

With this campaign, our first ever on the tube, we aim to ignite some fun and energy into a world traditionally portrayed very differently.

Where the world of travel money has always been about profits at all costs, people are – literally – at the very heart of what we do. By swapping currency directly with individuals across the world, everyone gets a better deal.

Where the old world of travel money has been often opaque and confusing, we’ve shouted our pricing and mission from the rooftops with pride, so everyone knows where they stand.

And where the old world has been a bit… stuffy, we’ve tried to inject a bit of humour and personality into what we do.

Risky? Definitely. But what we hope this campaign offers is a light-hearted way of looking at old-fashioned values (that have no place in society today) that gets people talking, swapping and – ultimately – benefiting from the new values that WeSwap brings to the table. Better value, more transparency and people back at the centre of finance. To change the way we exchange, for good.

If you’re one of our customers, you already know the score. Now London does too.

It makes us smile – we hope it does the same for you, too.

Italian Stallion

Swedish Supermodel

French Maid


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