We can’t swap our ad campaign… well actually, we have!

News June 8, 2016


When feedback rose up from underground that our ad campaign was turning heads for the wrong reasons, we knew it was time to do what we do best. Swap.

This month, we launched an ad campaign intended to shake up the travel money market with a light hearted, tongue-in-cheek creative – one that highlighted our core message that by swapping with other people abroad, everyone gets a better deal.  It certainly got us noticed and caused a bit of a stir… however not all for the right reasons.

As a business we want to ensure that WeSwap always turns heads for positive reasons – namely our disruptive travel money service. So we have decided to launch a new creative campaign that highlights the amazing customers at the heart of everything we do.

We apologise for any offence caused by our original adverts and have listened to your feedback. So please keep a close eye on those Tube ads from mid-June because we’ve done what we do best… swapped! Here’s a sneak preview…


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