Come and own a part of WeSwap – A Message from our founder

News October 12, 2016


Considering the WeSwap idea was born in the world’s most boring queue at Heathrow airport – it’s ironic that today is so exciting. Today we invite our users to become part-owners of WeSwap.

People are at the very core of this business in every way. Without travellers swapping currency, there is no business. And that’s why we believe our users should share in all of our successes. It’s only fair.

In just 12 short months, we’ve grown by 204%, welcoming over 200,000 new travellers to our community. We’ve swapped tens of millions of pounds through our platform, been featured by the BBC, MoneySavingExpert, the FT and partnered with the likes of, National Geographic and Skyscanner to bring swapping to the wider world.

Together we’ve saved over £1.2 million to spend on better holidays vs buying from a bank, and I couldn’t be more proud.

But we’ve set our sights even higher for 2017. We want to take the stress and confusion out of travel money by putting power back into the hands of ordinary travellers – globally. Our next phase of growth is going to be even more exciting, with some fantastic developments in the pipeline.

So we’d like to offer our community the chance to share in our success by owning shares in WeSwap through a crowdfunding programme. You can invest from around £10 – or more if you’re feeling flush – to become a part-owner of WeSwap.

We’ll use the money we raise to continue our rapid growth, expanding into new countries to take cheaper, fairer travel money to the masses and keep driving down the cost for everyone. We’re already talking to a number of partners to take us into markets like Asia in 2017.

And we have some very exciting new product developments on our roadmap that we can’t wait to reveal. We’ve set out to reshape an industry in favour of travellers everywhere – and we won’t stop until we do.

Crowdfunding requires us to open this opportunity to the public on 26th October, but we want to give you a head-start so pre-­register your email now and you’ll get exclusive access to the investment 5 days earlier, from 21st October.


In addition to owning a piece of the business, if you’re one of the first thousand people to invest over £100, you’ll also get an exclusive, “WeSwap Investor” prepaid Mastercard®.

Investors will also get access to a whole range of benefits and perks, including early access to new features, free swaps to save even more on your travel money, special deals and other exciting perks that we’ll be unveiling in the next couple of weeks – keeps your eyes peeled for those!

I hope you’ll join us, we can’t wait to have you on-board.

Jared Jesner

Founder & CEO

To find out more, visit

Investing in start-ups involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.


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