2019: A Year in Review

News January 29, 2020


2019, eh? What a year. The General Election. Thomas Cook. Bum bags back in fashion. Brexit renewed for another series. What a way to end the decade.

It was a big year at WeSwap too. We launched our new website and card. We were nominated for a British Banking Award and were announced as finalist (winners are announced in Feb, there’s still time to vote and you’ll be entered into a £1,000 prize draw if you do, just click here).

Most importantly, 2019 was a big one for you guys. You continued exploring the world. You spent over £13 million in the USA. Spent just £514 in Lesotho. One of you spent over £7,000 on a single hotel bill. You lived your best lives and we want to say thank you for taking us with you. So here, without further ado, is your year in review.

Well done, WeSwappers. What a year.


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