Good Things (will continue to) Happen When You Swap!

Good Things Happen June 8, 2016


Great news all: Good Things Happen When You Swap marches on!

We enjoyed our Summer of Swaps so much that we didn’t want it to end… so we’re not ending it at all.

We’ve had a fantastic response to our first-class lounge airport upgrades – it turns out people like swapping a busy departure lounge for business-class decadence. So we’ll carry on with that one.

And as we suspected, nothing triggers the post-holiday blues quite like a huge bag of dirty washing. So Laundrapp will continue to help us wash the blues away by exchanging dirty laundry for the clean variety.

We are also planning a host of brand-new (and really exciting) swaps to ensure everyone stays on their toes. Think London traffic for a day at the racetrack; or swapping those annoying city pigeons for the clay pigeon variety; or your over-done steak for a lesson in how to cook the perfect T-bone.

Still no conditions, still no strings attached, we still just want to say thanks…


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