Good Things Happen When You Swap – Week 8 Highlights

Good Things Happen June 8, 2016


The highs and lows* from week 8 of our Good Things Happen When You Swap campaign. *There weren’t actually any lows…

One piece of social media dominated all else on Week 9 and it came from Britain’s favourite potty-mouthed chef…

On Tuesday we announced we would be sending a lucky user to one of Gordon Ramsay’s central London favourites, The Savoy Grill…

But before we get to the main part, some other exciting Tweets came through during the week.

Firstly, Huntong winner Chynna sent us this from her meal up the mighty shard.


And the very lucky George won a cool £1000 after signing up though our London Evening Standard advert promotion (£10 for everyone who signed up, a possible £1000 for someone else!).


So Thursday came around and so did the announcement that we would swap Simone’s meal at home for fine-dining at the Savoy. What we didn’t expect was a RT from Mr Ramsay. The Tweet broke all of our Twitter engagement records so thanks Gordon for helping to spread our message far and wide. Good Things Happen When You Swap.


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