Good Things Happen When You Swap – Week 7 Highlights

Good Things Happen June 8, 2016


There was a big party slap bang in the middle of Week 7 of our campaign…

Packed to the piñata-laden rafters with a variety of hams, cheeses, olives, sangria and any other Spanish delicacy we could muster up, it was hard to distinguish between our North London home and a late night café bar off Las Ramblas on Thursday.

Luckily our guests managed it and located WeSwap HQ just fine.

To celebrate our Barcelona swap (a meal at home for one in the capital of Catalan) we had a Spanish-themed* party and invited our winners into the office.

*We know the piñata hails from Mexico but it’s much more enjoyable than Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Here are a few pics from the occasion.

A snap from the new Star Wars release:

A couple around the picnic benches:

Alex prepares Jared for battle:

Away from the party, the week got off to a flying start with long-time WeSwap enthusiast James Hunt being sent for a Sunday dinner and wine tasting experience for two at Vinolpolis London.


We knew one user was heading to cloud nine (almost literally) when we lined up this swap: a meal at home for one at London’s highest restaurant.

And Robin’s reply said it all…

But the big swap of the week came in the form of this brand spanking LG G4c.

Another week, another group of happy WeSwap users.

Next week there is a taste of New York to proceedings, and we’re not talking about (Big) Apple bobbing…


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