Good Things Happen When You Swap – Week 5 Highlights

Good Things Happen June 8, 2016


Our Good Things Happen When You Swap is in no danger of slowing down. Here are some highlights from Week 5

After the excitement of Barcelona, we were keen to keep up momentum going into Week 5 of our summer campaign.

It was perfect to learn that WeSwap user Ryan Ward was planning a trip over to the States.

Now his holiday will be starting a few hours earlier cause we’ve swapped the busy terminal for access to the business lounge.

We were looking to cool someone down on Wednesday (it was the hottest July day ever recorded in England), but that was unliklely given the standard of prize being given away…

The very gracious Chynna was clearly thrilled to swap a meal at home for one at London’s highest building, The Shard.

James Brown likes WeSwap so much he had clearly been championing the product on holiday. Well karma is a lovely thing because now the good folk at Laundrapp will be sorting out his post-holiday laundry. Door to door style. And we were delighted to send Johnathan Moore to Vinopolis on Friday. Just for being a WeSwap user…

But even happier to hear how much he’s saved thanks to our product…

Finally, previous weeks’ winner James came into the office to collect his vouchers for the Savoy Grill. He has been aboard the Good Ship WeSwap for a couple of years now and seemed genuinely pleased with the way things are going here. Great to meet you James.

So there you have it, another great week for the campaign. Remember to stay on your toes because there’s another big one coming on Friday…


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