Hipster Holidays – Budapest District VII Unpacked.

Travel June 14, 2016
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Hipster Holidays – Budapest District VII Unpacked.

Whilst District VII might sound like some terrifying suburb in a George Orwell novel, it is actually the free-thinking cultural heartbeat of Budapest! Just like Kreuzberg in Berlin – it‘s where the city’s bohemians, artists, musicians, down-and-outs and cool kids hang out.…
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Avoiding the Tube: 5 Alternative Ways to Navigate London

Liam, full-time content editor at WeSwap and part-time armchair transport critic, on alternative ways to travel around the capital. As temperatures soared this week, London and its inhabitants almost melted into an apocalypse: Our feet glued themselves to the pavement,…
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Andorra: The Best Budget Ski Trip in Europe

As we’ve said in the past, heading to the slopes pre-peak (November/December) or post-peak (March/April), is a fantastic idea. Andorra, a microstate locked between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains, is arguably the best budget ski trip in Europe. Liam,…
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New Zealand All Blacks: 7 Bits of Killer Pub Trivia

The New Zealand All Blacks are the most consistent international sports team in the world. They have topped the IRB rugby rankings continuously since 2006, they boast a staggering 91% win ratio in that time and they also do the Haka.…
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Find Dublin’s Best Pubs… They’re Not in Temple Bar!

To say there are lots and lots of pubs in Dublin would rank somewhere close to “Houston, we have a problem” in the understatement-stakes. Why then, do millions of us flock to the Irish capital every single year and settle in…
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5 British Customs that Puzzle the Rest of the World

In Norway, eating anything - including a sandwich - without using a knife and fork is considered rude. It's the equivalent of asking for salt at the dinner table in Egypt, or clinking your glass with a fellow drinker in Hungary. It's just not done. Essentially, what…
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WeSwapper’s Stories… from Amsterdam

As you're soon to discover, WeSwapper Jeremy doesn't mess around when visiting a new city. He likes to see the bits everyone has seen, the bits not everyone has seen, and the bits nobody has even heard of! We reckon this might be…
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Tampa, Florida: A Festival Goers Paradise

Orlando, Miami, the Keys, the Everglades. Each destination boasts a unique face-value appeal: The family trip, the opulent glamour, the island paradise, the tropical jungle. But it is one of Florida’s lesser known spots, Tampa, that guest blogger Tommy is going to look…
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In Pictures: Carnevale di Viareggio

Ever heard of Carnevale di Viareggio in the Tuscan town of Viareddio? It's one of Europe's most vibrant street celebrations. The party is perhaps best known for the manificent array of papier mache floats that roll down town's beach-hugging manin road. As you'll see, they are a…
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