WeSwap Reviews & Stories: Emails From Our Users

September 2018

We love reading WeSwap Reviews and hearing stories about how our community are using WeSwap. So, we emailed a few users, asking them how they use us and why!

Here’s what they told us. Spring. In. Step!

WeSwap Reviews & Stories

Email #1 - David: Keeping his daughter in the green

User story 1

“Hi Stephanie

I was recommended WeSwap by a work colleague after discussing issues using a competitor’s card that didn’t have any of the services you offer.

The old card I was using was still more secure than carrying foreign currency but that was its only benefit, it had none of the following:

  • App
  • Choice of 1 ,3 or 7-day swaps
  • Only option to load was via bank transfer
  • No service for forgotten pins
  • No option to send currency to friends or family
  • No ability to switch between currencies
  • It was an easy choice to change providers.

I’ve used WeSwap on my last 2 trips to the USA (NYC and Las Vegas) and have a trip to Florida very soon when I will be using the card again.

My WeSwap card was accepted everywhere from supermarkets to restaurants, I was able to withdraw cash in both locations without any issue, the card even worked in Casino ATMs in Las Vegas when my bank card didn’t.

The ability to send currency to friends and family is a welcome upgrade it has allowed me to send foreign currency to my daughter at the touch of a button without having to worry about her shopping around for the best exchange rate.

Unfortunately, she didn’t order her card via my promo link!! [Ed: Yikes – sorry David’s daughter!]

I hope the above is helpful feel free to use as much or as little in your blog.

Kind Regards,



Email #2 - Suzanne: Road-tripping through Asia

user story 4

“Hi Stephanie

In answer to your questions:

  1. Recent semi-retirement has given us the opportunity to travel and WeSwap has proved to be a really useful companion along the way.  We love the flexibility and the fact that there are no hidden commissions.  The card is so easy to load, and it's been accepted wherever we have been.
  2. Recently we drove through Europe on our way to Turkey, passing through countries which don't have the euro as their currency.  Earlier in the year we were in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia and using WeSwap as our main source of payment meant we were able to keep track on our expenditure and not come home to any nasty surprises.

I've recommended the card to all our friends and encouraged my family to sign up too.

Excellent service!

Many thanks


Is anyone else extremely jealous of Suzanne’s lifestyle? We know we are. Big thanks to you Suzanne!

Suzanne Wood - Pamukkale Turkey

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Email #3 - Conor: Living on the Southern Ireland Border

This one really made us smile. We absolutely love you too Conor ❤️

user story 3

“Hi there,

I have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WESWAP! I couldn’t recommend it more!

I tell everyone about it and try explain all of the benefits that I’ve seen.

I was using a Thomas Cook card previously and found the site for loading unhelpful and I really had to go out of my way to get money changed. This is the exact opposite of how I find WeSwap.

It was actually my partner that introduced me to WeSwap almost a year ago.

It’s really convenient for us considering I live very close to the Southern Ireland border. So the ability to have numerous currencies on the card at any given time, with no charge for use as a credit type card, is really handy for when we go across the border, or the airport etc.

Thanks again for the fantastic service with WeSwap.

Keep up the research and development and I’m sure WeSwap will go from strength to strength.


Conor T.”


Email #4 - Kerry: Saving Money in Dubai

user story 5

“Hi Stephanie,

Yes no problem - would be happy to help.

It was my partner who told me about WeSwap (I'm not sure if was an ad he had seen - but we did both think it sounded a bit too good to be true - fortunately that wasn't the case!)

Before I knew about WeSwap, I would always just exchange currency in cash which wasn't ideal as you would need to decide in advance how much you were spending on a holiday you hadn't been on yet - the great thing about WeSwap is you can just transfer in money as and when you need it because even the instant swaps are still a better exchange rate than you would get from the high street.

I just recently used my WeSwap for a holiday in June to Dubai and I couldn't recommend it enough. It’s just like having another bank card, and because it is a MasterCard, we had no hassle using it anywhere, whether it was switching a single transaction of £1.50 to £150.00 - no need to carry any cash which is a bonus!

I also think it actually saved me money on my holiday too as I only spent what I needed, and I could transfer money from my own bank account in the app quite easily whenever I needed it. If i had of exchanged all cash beforehand then I would have definitely just spent it all to get rid of it - because like most people, I can’t be bothered going back to the shop to exchange my money back for a poorer rate.

Another positive is that any money you do have left on you card, you can spend back in the UK - so my £20 I had left on it even bought my lunch the day after I returned from my Holiday.

I would recommend WeSwap to anyone who wants a hassle-free holiday.

Kind Regards,


Thank you

WeSwapper Kerry outside Conrad Hotel in Dubai

Email #5 - Kirsty: Living and working abroad

user story 2

Yes no problem.

1)  How did you stumble across WeSwap? What frustrated you about whatever you were using before us?

I discovered WeSwap on Seedrs (I invested a small amount in WeSwap & then started using the card).

I was very frustrated before. I travel frequently & I also often live and work abroad, so I was forever getting screwed over with awful exchange rates etc and also occasionally had to use my LLOYDS DEBIT CARD & GOT CHARGED AN EXTORTIONATE AMOUNT OF MONEY. For example, I withdrew equivalent of £300 in Dubai & I got charged £15 in fees. [Ed:

I have used many different currency exchange options; From the airport (horrible rip off), MasterCard currency card & multi-currency card, M&S cash purchase of currency, random backstreet exchange shop and so on...

2)  Has using WeSwap helped you out on any trips recently? How come? Where were you travelling?

Yes. My parents both live in France and I visit them frequently & I travel a lot, so I use it all the time in different countries (USA, Canada, Europe etc)

Only negative was I wanted to use it in Dubai & you didn't offer UAE Dirhams. [Ed note: We do Kirsty! You can now use WeSwap worldwide. Next time 😊]


Kirsty Poole”

Kirsty on the slopes

We can’t tell you how helpful these emails are for us, and for other WeSwappers too -

We want to hear more of your travel stories and WeSwap reviews. If you’ve got one, share it with us below, on social using #WeSwapperStories or email us!


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