How much Spending Money do I Need in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a city that never stops. It’s brimming with energy, colour, and happiness. It’s also that very rare thing: A city with a great beach… not a man-made beach, a real beach.

The difficulty is, do you need to budget for a city break or a beach break? The answer is a bit of both. Here’s our spending guide, including how many Euros we think you’ll need.

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How Much Spending Money do I need in Lisbon?

This article is part of our Spending Money Guide Series: The WeSwap community spent upwards of £38 million around the world last year. That works out at roughly 1.2 transactions every minute. We’ve taken that data, crunched it and created a series of travel money spending guides, based on how actual travellers travel and spend abroad.

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How much spending money do I need in London?

Given that WeSwap HQ stands tall in North London and that we have tons of data on how real travellers spend here, we thought it only right to share our knowledge of how to travel in England’s fair capital. Yes, London can be expensive, but it’s also possible to travel smart and budget wisely.
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