Our app has been for a makeover!

It’s been a busy summer at WeSwap HQ.

As well as facilitating millions of pounds in swaps (wahoo) and adding thousands of travellers to the people’s currency exchange (wahoo times two), we have also been squirreling away behind the scenes to build some awesome new features.

Today is the first of those updates aaaand it’s a bumper release to the app, giving you new versions of the Swap, Wallet and Activity screens to make everything easier to use. Update your app now to see them in action.

So without further ado, here's what's new:

The Swap Screen

This page used to have a webpage feel to it - not anymore.



We built something that’s less like a webpage and more like an app within an app. It’s easy to use, intuitive and it feels modern and up-to-date. You guys also told us you wanted something cleaner and more functional. Here it is.

Aesthetics wise, the blues are consistent, crystal clear and cool - the page just looks better.

Transaction screen

The improved transaction section offers users a more detailed insight into your respective card transactions.



Users now have added info around the transaction, for example, what the money has be spent on (eating out, transport, etc) as well as bespoke merchant icons.

Watch this space as we have just signed a super-exciting partnership deal that is going to elevate this page to the next level. We're button-lipped for now though.

Wallet and Wallet Activity

The newly built wallet not only looks cleaner, it works differently too. Spend is now tied to each individual wallets as opposed to a collective one.



Each wallet now has its own activity screen within it. This saves you jumping between screens and makes the whole experience more succinct. This also enabled us to drop the "activity" shortcut from the bottom navigation.


Final thoughts from Jonny and Thomas:

Designer Jonny:

“For me this project was a great opportunity to align the app with the brand. We know that the new backend design will enable us to build loads of cool new features going forward but from a customer-facing point of view right now, the app is easier to navigate and understand. It also looks cool.”

UX Designer Tom:

“I’m always looking to improve user experience and obviously improvements in three of our core sections are going to do that. Things are cleaner, smoother, easier. The wallets section, for example, makes much more sense and eliminates the need to flit between screens. This is just another small step as we create the holistic travel companion”.

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