Fishmongers, Free Currency and Fresh Linen! Just Another Summer at WeSwap

Ah, the month of June – the unofficial start of summer. The spring lambs are now fledgling sheep, the ice-cream van is doing the rounds and WeSwap’s brand new campaigns are underway.

Okay, so maybe our campaign launches aren’t quite seasonal indicators just yet, but it is a big one at WeSwap Towers, and here’s why…

Our new ad campaign is off the ground – or rather underground – and running. Furthermore, we’re absolutely chuffed with it.

FishmongerIt’s all about highlighting the amazing people at the core of what we do. We said it in our very first blog post (when WeSwap was little more than an idea) and now we’re saying it to the millions of people who ride the Tube every day:

When people swap currency with other people, everyone wins.

Well. Maybe not the banks…

The first day of June also saw the launch of our 5 Friends, Free Swaps for Life initiative. All you have to do is get five friends signed up to WeSwap and you’ll get perfect interbank rates forever. As in, for the rest of your life.

Anyone using social media over the last week or may have also noticed our Good Things Happen When You Swap campaign.

We’ve already swapped sets of headphones for tickets to see the Who, dirty laundry for fresh linens and food in front of the telly for fine-dining at the Shard. And there are plenty more to come.

We are also on the hunt for ambassadors to spread the WeSwap word far and wide. Stay tuned for more information but we will tell you this: There’s serious money to be made.

So keep an eye on the Tubes, on Twitter, on Facebook on your inbox and on anywhere else the WeSwap flag may be flying. Because our mission to drive the cost of travel money down to zero (permanently) is really gathering pace. Fast.


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