Spending with the Israeli Shekel

After months of planning and testing, the Israeli Shekel has officially been switched on and is now available with WeSwap. That takes us to 18 currencies in total. Wahooo!

A couple of weeks back, with the new currency launch on the horizon, our CEO Jared went for a two-week trip to Israel – just to ensure everything was 100%. A busman’s holiday of sorts!

Those familiar with Jerusalem will definitely recognise some of the stop-offs on Jared’s trip. We thought it might be handy to visualise how the card was used on a short family holiday…

At Heathrow Airport, Jared loaded his card with £200 using the app and swapped into ILS giving him a starting fund of 1,081.233 ILS.

After a successful withdrawal5216819841_65dfbbdcc7 of 500 ILS at Ben Gurion airport on the other side, the first stop on Jared’s holiday was Roladin! This bakery is renowned for their delicious doughnuts and is especially popular during Hanukah. Nothing like a good post-flight doughnut to get the party started.

Later, it was dinner at Grand Café - a quiet spot on Derech Bet Lechem, one of Jerusalem’s pretty streets. Jared needed more money so topped up his wallet on the move –again using the app to load £100 which swapped into 544.82 ILS.

Thr following day, a day trip to the beautiful town of Safed – pronounced ‘tsfat’ - was planned. With unparalleled views, the artists’ colony and candle factory, Safed is definitely worthy of a trip.

The quirky shops and small galleries in this hilltop town mean cash is probably your best bet – and Jared had no problem finding a24054977949_abe9c3408e_bn ATM to use his WeSwap card.

Back on the road, the family headed headed to Herzliya, a coastal city popular with tourists due to its many restaurants, hotels and of course, beaches. A quick stop for petrol – paid for using the WeSwap card - and it was off to Café Café on the marina. Despite the name, it is more than just a café, and this popular chain is a tasty lunch spot.

Next up was Modi’in, to visit family. The WeSwap card feels just the same as using your debit card at home – so instead of the usual overspending-just-because-you’re-on-holiday, Jared popped into a local supermarket to pick up sandwiches for lunch, spending just 75 ILS (roughly £13).

Returning toreceipts Jerusalem, Jared loaded his account with £100, swapping to 544.82 ILS. Using WeSwap means small purchases - like ice cream at Jerusalem’s’ famous Katzefet - can be guilt free (well, money wise. Sadly, we don’t swap calories).

Final stop – the airport! Jared went to sandwich-joint Ilan’s not once but twice (that’s what happens when you forget to buy anything for your wife!) – luckily he had his WeSwap card or he would have been paying that transaction fee twice!

With Israel’s climate, Mediterranean-meets-middle-eastern food, and rich culture and history, it’s the perfect destination for your next trip with your WeSwap card. Check out our article comparing the countries most popular cities - Israel and Tel Aviv.

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