Good Things Happen When You Swap - Week 2 Highlights

Our summer of swaps rolls on. Here are the highlights from Week 2.

We've Swapped... Dean's busy departure lounge for business lounge access

Dean Thompson is heading over to sunny Malta in July. It was our pleasure to swap the clamour of the departure lounge for access to the business lounge. Let the holiday start a couple of hours earlier with free food and drink!

We've Swapped... Erica's headphones for tickets to see The Who

We'll let Erica's selfie do the talking. Here she is looking absolutely chuffed about swapping that exact pair of headphones for tickets to the British Summer Time festival at Hyde Park. Erica has shrewdly booked the full day off work because The Who, Paul Weller and the Kaiser Chiefs are all on the bill.

We've Swapped... Emma’s post-holiday washing for fresh laundry

Nothing triggers the holiday blues like a bag full of dirty laundry. So when Emma gets back from her jollies, we’re getting the chaps at Laundrapp to pick it up and swap it for washed, ironed and folded versions! Magic.


It was also nice to see some of our week 1 swaps to come to fruition...

Gordon Lee and family enjoyed a trip to Hutong in the Shard

This swap was extra special because unbeknownst to us, Graham’s daughter’s 18th fell on Week 2 of our campaign. Here they are in the lift heading up to Hutong restaurant for a special birthday meal. Good Things Happen When You Swap, here is the proof.

James Bryant and girlfriend had their washing done

James’ girlfriend Laura was happy to hand her post-Paris laundry to the Laundrapp team, but she was even happier when it was returned in these tidy packages.

Jenny Mulholland went for a dinner and wine tasting experience

Going forward...

Our star prize is being given away next Friday (26th June). We'll be covering the build-up on social media so keep your eyes peeled.

And if you’re not signed up already... do it!

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