Cashpoint with colorful bankomats in the modern city

ATMs & Card Machines abroad: The Golden Rule

When an ATM or card machine asks if you’d like to accept an exchange, there’s only one right answer… always say no. Always refuse any conversion, always choose the local currency for the country you’re in. 

Just say no way, José.

But it’s still so easy to be duped.  Here’s why, and how to avoid it once and for all. 

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Free Swap Olympics

Unless you’re Michael Phelps or Chris Hoy – they now have 27 between them – winning an Olympic gold is quite a rare thing. More often than not, it’s a once in a lifetime thing. Read More

Couple walking by the sea

How Will Brexit Affect our Holidays?

The post-referendum dust has started to settle, but there are still necessary questions around its implications for us travellers. Namely, how will Brexit affect our holidays?

Although not everything has become 100% clear yet, here’s what we know today – and we’ll keep updating this blog as we know more. If you do have any questions, please pop them in the Comments section at the bottom.  Read More

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