WeSwapper’s Stories… from Amsterdam

As you’re soon to discover, WeSwapper Jeremy doesn’t mess around when visiting a new city. He likes to see the bits everyone has seen, the bits not everyone has seen, and the bits nobody has even heard of! We reckon this might be the most comprehensive weekend guide to Amsterdam you’ll read in 2016. Read More

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Tampa, Florida: A Festival Goers Paradise

Orlando, Miami, the Keys, the Everglades. Each destination boasts a unique face-value appeal: The family trip, the opulent glamour, the island paradise, the tropical jungle. But it is one of Florida’s lesser known spots, Tampa, that guest blogger Tommy is going to look at today.  Read More


Swap My Sickie

This week, more people are calling in sick than at any other time of the year…

As you read this, thousands of sofa-sprawled Britons are counting down to, er, Countdown… and quite probably humming the theme tune too.

In homage to this – the sickliest of weeks – we’re asking people to submit their most creative sick-day excuses. Read More

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